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Yahoo account Recovery Process

Various Methods of Yahoo account recovery

Yahoo uses some security features to safeguard the accessibility of the Yahoo account from every user even for the owner of the Yahoo account it is mandatory to verify the ownership by way of providing correct username and password.

This security feature becomes problematic when the user(s) are not able to access their Yahoo account at this time the need of the Yahoo account recovery comes into play, there are multiple methods to recover Yahoo account like.

Various Methods of Yahoo account recovery

  • Alternate Email address
  • Recovery phone number
  • Security questions

Recovery of Yahoo account by the recovery Email ID

The user can get the yahoo account back by using the recovery Email ID method to recover Yahoo account by using this process.

  • Visit the online portal. Go to the official website of Yahoo and navigate to the section of Sign In, click on Forgotten Password?
  • Provide details. Enter the credential like sign-in email ID or phone number, recovery email ID, recovery phone number and click on Continue option.
  • Choose Email Method. The user needs to select the recovery email ID to get the account key using that method.
  • Get the Account Key. The user will receive the account key via the recovery email ID and enter that account key in the web field asking for it.
  • Create a password. At the last step, the user needs to create a new password and provide the confirmation by re-entering the new password of the Yahoo account.

Recovery of Yahoo account by the recovery phone number

  • Visit the official Website. Go to the online portal of Yahoo and click on the Sign In option, select the Forgotten Password? option.
  • Give the Details of Account. Enter the information about the Yahoo account such as sign-in email address/phone number, recovery email address, recovery phone number and click on the button of Continue.
  • Choose the Recovery phone number. Now the user needs to click on the method of recovery Phone Number.
  • Enter the Account Key. Receive the account key on the recovery phone number and enter it in the required field.
  • Create Password. Once the ownership is proved by the user, he needs to create a new password of the Yahoo account.

If the above methods don’t work then the user can also visit the customer support web page to get technical assistance for Yahoo Account Recovery.

Recovery of Yahoo account by security question

Yahoo email account is extremely useful in order to share and receive information among the clients at any time. It accepts an accurate email address and password to access but frequently the users face problems while signing-in the Yahoo email account. To fix it everyone has the right to knowledge of Yahoo account recovery and this is why this page is quite significant to read and become a brilliant expert in resolving this issue at the right time.

There is a suitable method of password recovery via security questions when you forget recovery resources such as phone numbers and email addresses. Security question allows you to enter the appropriate answer and then a password recovery link will allow entering the new password.

Following are the ways assisting you to recover Yahoo email account vial security question:

  • At first, strive to sign-in your Yahoo email account using its correct email address and password.
  • If you face any trouble click on forgot password button and then enter the remember password or mobile phone number.
  • Press the next button when you show an error and then select the security question and select the right answer.
  • Soon after that, a password recovery link will allow to enter the new password and access your account finally.

If you are required additional help and information with regards Yahoo email account, you should feel free to contact our tech support team that is available to provide a solution of any kind of issues at any time forever.



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