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Why IVF Treatment More Successful In The Summer Season?

It is a myth between people generally that the summer season is not good for pregnancies and IVF care, but the success rate among couples who adopt IVF in the summer is very high, according to study. The sun rays, which increase IVF output, are the best natural source of vitamin D. Summer is known for the prevalence of tanning, vacations and long sunshine, but also for infertile women in May, June, July and August.

Couples claim winter is best for IVF pregnancy, but according to research, summer is better for conception and birth growth. Vitamin D is regarded as an outstanding medication for pregnant women and thus increases the chance for successful IVF pregnancy in the summer.Sleep is the source of melatonin hormone, which affects not only the nature of sleep and walking, but also the fertility of women.

This hormone specifically stimulates the reproductive tissue to increase women’s reproductive potential in the summer season. This also ensures that the embryo that develops in the summer has a few months before the first winter. If you are going for IVF treatment you can search the Infertility clinic center near me.

Women require more Gonadotropin hormones during IVF therapy, used to activate an ovary in winter, but there is no improvement in therapy in winter due to lack of natural light compared to summer. 

Vitamin D retains the required calcium level in the body. This helps to shape the teeth and bones of the womb and enhances immunity until it decreases. People with vitamin D deficiency are at risk of diabetes when they are pregnant.

Studies also show that females who are given adequate vitamin D are more likely to produce high-quality embryos and to double their odds of having low vitamin D levels. Furthermore, women living in the sun for long periods before the beginning of the IVF process have a high birth rate and their retention level increases and their egg matures well.

People residing in the sun during the summer IVF cycles are more likely to relax. Stress is known as a major factor for increasing the negative impact. If a woman has optimistic thoughts in such a situation, her chances of getting pregnant are also higher. It is probably a summer season that makes us much happier and much less nervous.

Improved Mood

Of course, both of us have year-round pressures, but usually people are happier and less stressed in the summer (is it easy for them to live?), And as we described the sunlight (and vitamin D) in the summer you may be influenced by your ability to conceive. It means that women who initiate IVF during the summer are less stressed, which is a big benefit because stress also has an adverse impact on IVF performance.

Longer Hours

The summer lasts longer during daylight hours, which allows more time to spend with your friend. You can also take longer to concentrate on you. Write, carry out your balanced lifestyle, or pursue a new hobby! When you receive IVF therapy, a support network is critical.

More Open Schedule

Holiday and half day Friday; it is more likely you will take some time off during the summer. You should have less burden on a more flexible schedule and will concentrate on your IVF cycle in the summer. Before going you can search in the google maps as the Fertility center near me.

By reading this article you are able to know more about IVF and its success rate which depends on the season and also their own body.


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