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Why is google not working | OK Google not working

Reasons behind Why is Google not working and how to fix OK Google not working

Google is one of its kinds of internet platform delivering a maximum number of services to online users. Google requires signing up for a common account with which you can access all the activities of Google.

Google is considered to be an application that does not require any introduction as people from all over the world use its products and services. It is because of Google that people are now so much dependent on it that they cannot think to do their work without it.

Why is Google not working?

Meanwhile, a lot of users complain of facing issues in their Google account leaving them confused that why is Google not working? Such issues can be dealt with the help of a few steps.

Reasons behind Google account not working

  1. Internet issue
  2. Cache and cookies not cleared up
  3. Website crashed

Steps to fix the Google not working

  • To fix Google not working, first of all, check your internet connectivity. This is the main reason why Google stops working.
  • If you don’t clear all the cache files and cookies then Google will not open or will be running low. Hence keep clearing the history box so that device remains space free and you could visit the new sites.
  • Update the application from time to time because of the outdated version of Google, it will not work.
  • Moreover, if the website is not loading then the issue is with the server. You don’t have to do anything in this case. It will get fixed on its own.

And you are done! If the issue still does not get resolved, contact customer care

Fix OK Google not working

The OK Google is the smart service which is provide by the Google in which there is no need to type the content in order to search it. You just have to speak the content and it will be automatically searched. It is a smart and easy service introduced by Google to its users. Sometimes, there are various technical issues which come in Google but we have solutions for it. To fix why Google is not working, you need to follow some steps.

You should remember some important reasons for Google not working:

  • You should check your microphone is working properly or not.
  • You should also check the language settings as this app is dependent on the language and pronunciation of the user.
  • It can be due to the phone incompatibility with the ok Google.

How to Fix It When Ok Google Is Not Working?

  • To fix the issue, you need to follow certain instructions.
  • Please turn on the Google voice search on your app.
  • Proceed towards voice on your Mac, Android or any other device.
  • Go to the settings option.
  • Click on the “ok Google” option.
  • After doing the above steps, your issue will be resolved.
  • Ok Google will start to work after some time.

It saves your time by searching in seconds and you have to type to search the particular thing. Sometimes it is possible that OK Google not working due to some technical fault. If you need any help, you can contact Google customer support and get better assistance and effective solutions.





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