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Why Animation Helps in Your Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign

Did you know 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day? Or that organic Facebook engagement is highest on posts with videos?

People love videos. Posting videos, watching, and sharing them is defining the new era of social media users. This has led to startups, small businesses, and big corporations investing in video content to up their social media game.

Need more reasons to include animated and other videos into your social media campaign?

Let’s begin!

Animations are cool

The elaborate characters that your audience can empathize with, brilliant narration, vibrant colors, amazing background, and music that evokes the right emotions, animations are as amazing to watch as social media content should be.

From small animation clips of 10 to 30 seconds to announce something or start a conversation to animated explainer videos of 1 to 2 minutes, people want visual experiences to engage them.

Animated videos give you creative space to let your imagination go wild and create magic. That’s exactly what people want from branded content on social media. They want to be entertained.

They are easily measurable

All marketers know that all marketing efforts need to be measurable to analyze the actual reach and success of the campaign.

Measuring how your videos are performing on social media can be easier than any other online content.

Platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have their own analytics features that help marketers understand how different videos are performing.

Here are a few questions that analytics provide answers for:

  • Who is watching your videos?
  • What are the gender and other demographics of your viewers?
  • At what time of the day they are watching your videos?
  • Which part of the world your videos are being watched in?
  • What parts are they watching and skimming through?

Such detailed and constructive feedback is very helpful in producing more videos that your audiences love.

Animation videos are multi-purpose

By investing in a single animated video, you can boost several marketing campaigns at the same time.

For example, you can share 2D animated explainer videos on your social channel to start a conversation within your audience, get shares, likes, and comments from your followers. You can also use the same video in business presentations, to share with potential clients, embed in email campaigns, include it on the homepage of your site, or even a blog post.

The cool thing about animated videos is that they’re visual, they’re effective, and they’re emotional, regardless of where you put them.

With a simple animation process, they are the best investment you can make for your social media and marketing campaigns.

2D animation videos could go viral


Your video has the potential to achieve thousands and even millions of views!

When a video goes viral, it generates a lot of organic free promotion and free distribution of your brand content. It boosts your brand awareness, reputation, and credibility overnight. Hence, videos can be very useful in getting your campaign a lot of attention from social channels

Many businesses try to produce video content with the hopes of it going viral. However, the important factor to always remember is to create content that relates to your audiences and evokes strong emotions in them.

Animated videos also have a high probability of going viral as they can be engaging, informative, and entertaining. A viral video can amplify the results of your marketing campaign.

Animated videos are mobile-friendly

Whether its websites or social media, the increasing shift towards smartphones, is making the prospect of investing in video marketing a top priority of most marketers.

As the majority of people are using social media from their mobile phones, videos nowadays can be tailored to appear visually appealing and highly engaging on the small screen.

Today, smartphones have high-resolution technology, which makes it possible for people to watch videos in HD. And with easy accessibility of messaging and sharing apps like WhatsApp, people can easily share your video from their social accounts to friends and family.

They make complex information easy to digest

When running a business, sometimes, you have to share complex information that can be difficult for audiences to consume and might not grab their attention. However, animated videos are the best way to ensure they digest this information as effectively as possible.

The lifelike animations, exciting characters, storytelling approach, chirpy music, and brilliant narration enables you to get the message across without boring the audience.

Check out how this video by Apple Support uses graphics, upbeat music, and easy to follow narration to guide viewers on how to switch from Android to iPhone. What possibly could be a very complicated method seems simple enough for users through this video.

There are several types of 2D animation videos

From typography animation, sand animation, stop-motion animation, and digital 2D animation to whiteboard animation and 2D animation explainer videos, there are several styles and types of 2D animation videos.

2D animation as a type of video is highly versatile and flexible. Working with a professional video animation studio will help you understand how each aspect, like the audio, colors, script, and animation style, can completely change the vibe, feel, and message of the video.

The versatility of videos and 2D animation videos, in particular, make them one of the best content types to be shared on social media.

They are great at keeping viewers

Videos are consumers’ most favorite types of content to watch on social media, and 93% of businesses say that they have gotten a new customer by sharing a video on social media.

Animation, live-action, other types of videos entice viewers and effectively grabs their attention. Videos on social media create curiosity, starting from the thumbnail, you can generate that kind of interest from traditional marketing anymore.

Your process of 2D animation will vary with the complexity of the project. However, to be effective, your video doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to evoke the right emotion.

2D animations are cost-effective

Historically creating videos was way more expensive, but with an increase in demand and supply of videos, many video production companies have made video marketing a practical option for the majority of businesses.

Being a startup, small business, or an enterprise, you can find an agency, freelancer, even a free video creation and editing tool to make your videos.

Besides, 89% of video marketers say video content gives them a good ROI, and 83% of them say that videos are beneficial in lead generation. It means investing in videos have a great chance of bringing you a high return.

Find out how much exactly it costs to create an animated video in 2020.

A bit of creativity makes it a great fit for diverse industries

You can create product demo videos, how-to explainer videos, infographic videos, live-action videos, and many other styles.

The various options make videos an excellent choice for marketers working with diverse businesses, industries, and markets.

Besides, animation videos can create a deep emotional connection with people watching them. As this is often one of the significant purposes of social media presences for businesses, they choose the medium of videos to get their message out there.

So, whether you run a book store or provide employee management software services to large corporations, all businesses should include videos in their social media campaign.

Here are two 2D animation explainer videos Buzzflick made for two different clients from entirely separate industries.

[Video 1]

[Video 2]

Wrap up

Animated videos can be one of the most powerful types of content to share on your social media channels. The visual experience complemented by excellent music delivers a fantastic experience to viewers. However, there are several reasons to include animated videos into your social media campaign, many of which we talked about in the list given above.


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