What To Display On Your Digital Screens During The Expo?

The large size digital screens are common in exhibition stands. Along with the static display, the bid digital screens help you to attract more potential customers. There are various reasons to use the digital screen at your exhibition stand. One of the biggest benefits is that it offers high flexibility and you can easily display any kind of data on your digital screens.

In addition to this, the large digital screen offers a dynamic display that can easily grab the attention of potential customers. Various companies use these digital components in their booth to spread brand awareness. In addition to this, you can use this display to convey the right information about your product or services.

In short, digital screen and immersive audio devices can enhance your profit and Return On Investment.

1. Showcase Your Brand Name

You should tell your potential customers who you are and what are you selling. But, make your text information should be succinct and meaningful. Your text should reveal the basic information about your brand.

The trade show attendees can be attracted to your booth by using the digital screen to spread brand awareness. You should invest various immersive elements for your booth to keep your booth visitors engaged for a long time.

2. Spread Information About Products/Services

You can display a huge amount of information about your products/services. The static display system provides limited space to convey product/service information.

The display screen offers a huge amount of flexibility so that you can display dynamic information. You can prepare a presentation that can be played on the digital screen. Thus, the digital screen helps to draw in truly interested customers inside your booth.

3. Display Short Demo Clips

You can play intriguing demo clips on digital screens so that you can have more customers inside your booth. These demo clips will trigger the interest of trade show attendees in your booth. You can run a demo clip without audio because your trade booth is already noisy.

4. Show Customer Reviews & Testimonials

In the field of marketing, it is very important to gain the trust of your potential customers. There could be nothing better than showing your previous client reviews and testimonials on your digital screens. When the trade show attendees see that other people are already using your products or service, then your potential customers will show more interest.

5. Use Digital Screen For Navigation

You can use large digital screens for navigation purposes. These screens can help your potential customers to find a way to enter your booth. Also, you can use the digital screen when you display different categories of products so that booth visitors can easily find out what they are looking for.

6. Display Real-Time Social Media Updates

You can create a hype in the trade show by display real-time social media updates on your digital screen. People will get attracted after seeing the positive comments on your social media walls.

The social media platforms help in creating brand awareness and generating more leads. You can display the real-time activities of your trade booth on your different social media pages.

By displaying real-time updates of your trade show on a large digital screen will generate the interest of other people in the trade show. Ultimately, it increases the foot traffic in your trade booth. Many will begin interacting with your brand on social media just for the chance to see themselves featured!

7. Digital Signage

You can use the digital screen as a signage system that will guide the trade show attendees towards your booth. The digital signage will draw in targeted customers towards your exhibition stand. The static signage systems will be used by other exhibitors. If you want to stand out during the show, then you must think something different. Digital signage is a unique idea to represent your brand individuality during the show.

8. Display A Brand Story

When the digital screens are used correctly, then they can the business owner to display an attractive brand story. The brand story will help people to get emotionally connected with your brand. These kinds of connections are long term and build with trust. The videos that reveal the story of your brand can help you to easily grab the attention of potential customers.

Final Words

The large digital screen is an imperative part of the exhibition stand. Gone are the days when the static graphic display can help you to achieve your objectives. Now, it is not possible to stand out among various competitors in the trade show without incorporating a digital display screen in your booth.

Everything in your booth is static whether it is display counters, booth walls, graphic display, and product shelves as well. The interactive display screen will add motion to your trade booth.


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