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What is it like to live in Singapore as a student?

Singapore has a unique commitment to progress, which makes this city an ideal destination for international students to pursue their academics. In this blog, you will get a sneak peek of the regular student life in Singapore and things that should be kept in mind during your stay.

Why Choose Singapore

Singapore offers a quality education system with exceptional facilities. The standard of education is ultimate across all levels, starting right from the basic level to advanced parts. Apart from public colleges, Singapore also has more than 30+ international schools that follow the international education system for children of expatriates.

Safety matters

Besides the fact that Singapore is a beautiful, diverse, and vibrant place for student living, it also excels when it comes to safety measures. The city boasts of the strict laws of the city and subsequently low crime rates. This clearly signifies that city streets and public transportation systems are both hygienic and secure for wanderers.

Abound diversity

Diversity is a common trend in Singapore, it candidates from around the world are abundantly welcomed. The city offers a comfortable environment for international students is celebrated globally for its friendliness to foreigners. It’s a cauldron of so many unique cultures that paves way for a unique worldview for residents and students alike.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere

If you are a person who loves action, then Singapore is the place where you should be. The city hosts people from all over the world and fun activities throughout the day. You must take dive into the local cuisine restaurants, shopping for everyone and get inside the world-celebrated zoo.

It’s worth the investment

Students who live here can cherish the access to the latest amenities to transform life into far from boring. This spans from efficient entertainment services to cheap public transportation to the enthralling Changi Airport. As a Singaporean student, you get to enjoy a high quality of life which can be considered well worth the expense.

English is a valuable asset

Although Singapore may give the vibe of a far-off destination, it is easier for international students to acclimate their life here. Thanks to the remarkable prevalence of English, which is spoken by most of its population and is Singapore’s official academic language.

Additional tips to remember

To grab the best chance of earning an acceptance letter, you will need high proficiency in the English language. Tuition fees vary greatly depending on the Singaporean academic institution and programme of study. You may apply for tuition grants to help offset the cost that international studies come along with.

Finding an affordable place to live must be your next priority. The hostel facility of your admitting university can be a valuable asset. Additionally, you can look out for arranging short-term accommodations in advance to your arrival in Singapore. If you are hoping to work while being a student in Singapore, you can take up 16 hours of part-time and full-time work in between semesters without a work permit.

Boosting a unique commitment to progress, alongside extraordinary infrastructure to pull it off, makes this an ideal destination for accelerated academic growth for international students. Apply to a programme in Singapore today and take a step closer to earning a degree from one of the best education structure in the world.

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