What are the Characteristics of Good Packaging Boxes?

Custom Boxes Wholesale

Packaging boxes are nowadays a basic need for the companies to protect their products from any damage. Packaging plays the role of protector for the products and prevents them from any external pressure, hitting, wetting and bruising. With the help of these custom boxes wholesale, you can convey the message to your targeted audience.

 Materials you can use in Packaging Boxes:

 The material you use in the packaging boxes plays an important therefore you have to choose the material according to the intensity of your product. There are four types of materials you can use for the packaging boxes. There are four choices for the manufacturers; they can choose the best one according to their products.

custom printed packaging
custom printed packaging

 Corrugated Boxes:

 Corrugated boxes are best for the shipping purpose, you can transport your products in these boxes without fear of any mishap. These boxes are made cardboard sheets and these sheets are bonded together with some sticky and cohesive material resemblance to glue. These bonded flutes provide strength to the packaging and protect the product from any mishap during the shipment.

Cardboard Boxes:

These boxes are also made up of simple cardboard sheets. But the best thing about cardboard is that you can modify them according to your wishes. Such as, you can modify them into different shapes like cubical shape boxes that can be used for the packaging of bakery products and food items.

custom boxes
custom boxes

 Kraft Boxes:

Kraft material is known for its lightweight. This material is more favorable for the shipping purpose because its lightweight lessens the cost of labor as compared to the heavyweight material. Moreover, retailers can place such lightweight products over any sensitive shelf, because they do not spoil anything. So, it is a complete Kraft boxes package for manufacturers, retailers, and customers, because it suits everyone’s mentality.

 Rigid Boxes:

These boxes are usually four to five times harder than other ordinary custom packaging boxes therefore they are widely used for the wrap of sensitive products such as perfumes, vine bottles, wristwatches, etc. Their strong nature makes them non-bendable by which they protect the delicate products from any damage. Other than this, due to their elegant look, rigid boxes are also widely used for the packaging of gifts.

How Eco-friendly Packaging Boost the Credibility of your Product?

The world is facing a lot of problems but the main problem is pollution. Plastic bags are non-biodegradable so that they are responsible for the increasing land wastage. Nowadays the level of pollution is rapidly increasing, therefore, being benevolent to the environment, manufacturers usually choose eco-friendly packaging for their products. Kraft material is eco-friendly and biodegradable therefore it is the best option to reduce the land waste. Its eco-friendly nature helps to attract a large number of customers in the world. The people of the modern world are mostly aware of it, and they prefer such things that do not harm the environment. Therefore manufacturing companies are focusing on the use of eco-friendly packaging for their products to attract their targeted audience which is a result help them to increase their sales on a wider scale.

 Customization of Packaging Boxes:

Manufacturers acquire different techniques to attract the people towards their product and the best option for them is the customization of their packaging boxes. Packaging boxes can be easily modified according to the shape and size of the product. You can get different styles and shapes in these boxes such as sleeve boxes, tuck end style boxes, rectangular boxes, pillow boxes, display boxes, and so on. All these boxes can be designed according to your wishes. Here we elaborate on some benefits of the boxes which are widely used by manufacturers and retailers.

 Display Boxes:

 People usually attracted to the product due to its beautiful presentation. Therefore retailers choose display boxes for their retail store to make their products more presentable and purposeful. These boxes are space-consuming because several products can be placed in a single box-like, a retailer of the cosmetic store can display more than a dozen lipsticks in single display boxes which readily fascinate their ladies customers.

 Pillow Boxes:

 Due to their elegant shape pillow boxes are mainly used for the wrap up of gifts. These boxes can be modified according to the shape of a gift you want to pack. Other than this, retailers use these boxes as a branding tool like they pack their expensive or new arrival products in these boxes to capture the attention of their customers.

 How Printed Packaging Boxes Accelerate your Branding Promotions?

Manufacturers use different techniques to promote their brand in the market and printable boxes are best for this purpose. You can print the logo of your brand on these boxes. Which will surely help you boost up the branding of your product enormously. The addition of promotional content on these boxes will also help to attract your customers. You can get these prints in different colors like you can choose funky colors for your cosmetic products because ladies usually attracted to the bright and shiny colors and you can use sober colors for the printing of apparel boxes to fascinate your male customers.

With the help of printed boxes, you will be able to assist your customers to like, you can print the accurate information about your product which builds your customers’ trust for you. Other than this, graphics can also be added to the printed packaging boxes such as, you can add some attractive graphics on your game boxes by which kids will readily fascinate towards your product which in result gives a rapid increase in your sales.


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