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Water Filters

With the increase of industries and factories around the world, our access to clean water is diminishing. While we can surely ensure some sustainable ways to keep different sources of water clean, sometimes it is not a feasible option. You cannot expect to clean the whole river, can you? With the ever-increasing population and billions of bellies to feed, it’s challenging to limit groundwater usage for agriculture use.

Therefore, the world that we are currently living in, a water filter makes all the difference to make the most of what we have! The article mentions some of the best water filters for commercial usage.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated carbon filters are one of the oldest and the best water filtration techniques that use carbon filters for removing larger particles from the water. It includes sediments, silt, and other larger pollutant molecules. Carbon filters are also useful in cleaning chlorine and other volatile organic compounds that influence the taste and smell of the water. Moreover, as compared to other water filter methods, it is relatively cheap and doesn’t require electricity to operate.

But how does it work? The activated carbon or charcoals used in the filtration are processed to increase the pores’ number. So when the water passes through these pores, all the contamination gets trapped in it, and you get the filtered water that is fit for consumption. As a result of the large adsorption surface, activated carbon is highly effective in extracting chlorine and organic compound from the water.

Carbon filters are commonly used in large household filtration systems.

Ultra Violet Filter

Ultra Violet filters are a sure-short way of getting rid of all the parasites, bacteria, and viruses present in the water. It uses the light of high frequency to illuminate water through a glass element. So, when the water passes through this glass, all the living organisms present in the water are killed instantly, leaving the water fit for drinking.

UV filters are one of the brand new filtration techniques in the commercial market. Most of the health ailments originating from unhealthy water are usually due to the presence of these pathogens.

Now, if you are interested in buying an eco-friendly way to clean the water, this is what you might be looking for! Moreover, it doesn’t require the use of heat to be able to clean water.

Infrared Filter

Infrared filters are another proficient filters that are intended to soften the water. It uses the infrared rays to detect the contamination present in the water. Water coming from water treatment plants contains a particular odor of chemicals used to clean it. While other sophisticated filtration methods like carbon filters may not be able to remove the smell out of the water, Infrared filter works wonder in getting rid of the odor.

If you are finding it hard to lather up while bathing or washing clothes, it might be happening as a result of hard water. As briefly mentioned above, the infrared filter softens the water and makes it fit for daily use.

But again, how does it work? As the name suggests, the infrared filter uses heat and light to clean the water by negatively charging it. In the end, it gives a softer feel to the water.

Ceramic Filter

Ceramic filters are one of the oldest ways to filter water to make it fit for drinking. It is made out of ceramic with tiny pores. Any contamination larger than the size of the pores is filtered when is water is passed through it. Although it works effectively to make water fit for consumption, often a layer of silver is also used to kill bacteria and protozoa present in the water. Moreover, it also helps to prevent the accumulation of algae and mold in the water.

Just as carbon filters, it is inexpensive and can last for years once installed. But you might have to change or wash the ceramic used for the filtration. It is simple to set and use, but it doesn’t require electricity to the cleansing process.

Water Distillation Filter

Water distillation or distillation is one of the efficient ways to purify water. In the process of distillation, water is boiled into steam in a container. As the water cools down to regain the liquid state again, it is collected back in a clean container free from all the impurity. The contaminants present in the water do not boil like water and sits at the bottom of the container. Get it connected to a water coolers and enjoy the chilled water at your premises!

Water distillation is often applied to countertop distillers to make drinking water fit for drinking, commonly used in households with small families. It helps extract most contaminants like bacteria from the water, but it also improves the taste of the treated water.

Ion Exchange Filter

Hard water is not a viable option to bath or to clean clothes, let alone drinking. Just as infrared filters, one of the best ways to improve water quality is the ion exchange process. An ion exchange filter replaces the magnesium and calcium found in hard water with sodium and hydrogen ions. It softens the hard water and makes it fit for commercial use.

It is widely used in household laundry detergent to produce soft waters.

Alumina Water Filter

In a dense city or region that inhabits multiple industries, scarcity of clean drinking water is widespread. These factories and industries dump high concentrations of untreated water that contains fluoride, arsenic, and selenium, among other heavy metals.

Alumina water filter uses aluminum oxide that is highly effective in removing fluorides and other coloring impurities from the water. The pores on the surface of Alumina can reduce up to 99% of fluoride concentration from the water.


All the methods mentioned in the article works best to filter water for commercial usage. While there are some limitations attached to these methods when it comes to expense and efficiency, it works effectively in most scenarios, nonetheless!


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