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UX Best Practices for Search from a Website and App Development Perspective

It can be difficult to navigate a website or application that has a significant amount of information. The common problem is often chaos and confusion over finding the right information to meet each user’s needs. This article will highlight the best ways to guide a user through a search-based website or app, minus the frustration.

When it comes to website design and UI UX Development Company in UAE with search functions, five key elements will make it possible for users to get the information they need much faster and easier.

  1. Don’t make them search for the search box make it obvious.

Localization and simplicity are probably the most important features of the “search box” for website design and application development. It needs to be placed right in front of the user, maybe even in the hero section of the homepage, allowing its users to jump straight to it, which is essentially the basis of effective UX design. Straightness will come with a search icon and a spacious box with suggestive text, in order to clearly communicate the exact function of this section.

  1. Suggested keywords and fictitious text

The search box should be designed to suggest text that indicates what can be searched. It should also suggest keywords to the user at the time of entry in order to guide them through the different filtering options. This is absolutely essential because it provides painless efficiency and will allow users to “get to” their destination faster.

  1. Use a magnifying glass icon

Nothing is more obvious than being downright obvious. In both apps and web design, the visual language for search is a magnifying glass icon that gives users immediate association with a search function. This is quite powerful as it automatically leads users to this function without any suggestive text or other use of images.

  1. Provide a “submit” button

It might sound obvious, but it should be mentioned nonetheless. It is imperative to be extremely suggestive and obvious when it comes to search engines. Therefore, a “Submit” or “Search” button must always be associated with the search field in order for the user to submit their request. It must be very visually striking, often using a single color button.

  1. Offer an “advanced search” section with filters

When it comes to UI UX Development Company in UAE and website design, it is important to provide as much sane functionality as possible without confusing the user. If the basic search section of a website or app shows more than 50 results, you should consider including an advanced search option directly under the “Submit” button so that users can easily view it. This will allow users to filter information optionally by date or by subject in order to get more accurate and faster results.

In website design and application development, it is imperative to be completely “transparent” in the way things are organized. There has to be a balance between visual and functional, as the mechanics should always be fairly easy and quick to navigate.

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