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Understanding the IVF Process Step-by-Step

IVF is the form of ART used for infertility care and gestational surrogacy (in vitro). IVF is a type of ART. A fertilised egg can be inserted into the uterus of a surrogate and it is unrelated to its genetic disorder. In normal pregnancy, when a mature egg is released from the ovaries, a male sperm penetrates a female egg, then it fertilises it into its own body. Then the fertilised egg bonds to the wall of the uterus or womb, becoming an infant. This is referred to as the natural design. However, fertility treatment is an option when natural or unaccompanied designs are not possible. Since the end of the 1970s, IVF has been used. Louise Brown was born on 25 July 1978, the first baby in the test tube. Opt ivf cost in Hyderabad.

Stage 1: Summary

The women are given medicines, known as fertility products to increase the development of eggs.

Normally, a woman makes a monthly egg. Fertility medicines advise the ovaries to make more than one egg.

Stage 2: Egg Retrieve and maturation

A smaller surgery is performed to extract the eggs from the body of the lady called follicular aspiration or egg pickup.

Eggs and sperm are then placed in an environmentally safe chamber called a CO2 incubator. In general, the sperm reaches (fruits) a few hours after insemination.

Rarely, an egg removal may require pelvic laparoscopy. When no egg is created by a woman, donated eggs may be used.

The oocytes collected are ripened under CO2 in vitro.

Stage 3: Insemination and fertility

The sperm of the man is processed and placed in the best eggs. The sperm and egg mixture is referred to as insemination.

The sperm is sometimes injected into the egg directly. The intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is known.

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Stage 4: Culture embryo

The fertilised egg becomes an embryo when it divides into 2 cells, 4 cells and an 8-16 cell process. A typical embryo has a couple of cells called morulas and blastocysts inside the CO2 incubator within about 5 days.


3-5 days after egg recovery and fertilisation is known as the embryo transfer, transferring cultivated embryos into the female womb.

The operation is performed when the woman is awake in the doctor’s office. The doctor implants into the female vagina in the woman’s womb a thin tube (catheter) with the embryos. If an embryo sticks to (implants) in the womb and develops, it becomes pregnant.

It is possible to bring more than one embryo in the womb at a time that can lead to doubles, triples or more. A complex question depends on several factors, especially feminine age, as the exact number of embryos transferred.

Unused embryos may be frozen and implanted or eventually donated.

IVF Advances

Infertility in men and women is now a big problem in the world and this can be attributed to various factors such as diets, food adulteration, smoking, medication and more. Many patients are assisted by in vitro fertilisation that otherwise would not be possible.

The ultimate advantage of IVF is a successful pregnancy and a healthy infant. For those who are infertile or unable to have a pregnancy, the IVF may make this a possibility:

Blocked tube: In vitro fertilisation offers the best way to make a child use its eggs for women with blocked or impaired fallopian tubes.

Low Ovarian Reserve Patients: IVF can be used to increase the opportunity for patients to conceive of older and lower Ovarian Reserve.

Male infertility: pairs with a problem of male infertility will be far more likely to conceive of IVF than naturally.

PCOS: The syndrome of polycystic ovary is commonly associated with the hormone disequilibrium leading to irregular menstrual cycles. In-vitro fertilisation was shown to be very effective in PCOS patients not conceiving ovulation induction.

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Endometriosis: In endometriosis patients in which portions of the womb are developed out of the womb, IVF has proved quite effective.

Premature ovarian failure: women with premature ovary failure or menopause will usually be treated with IVF by donor eggs with high success rates. Opt for iui procedure in hyderabad.


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