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Tips to Maintain Shine of Bathroom Tiles

Though bathroom cleaning is, at the end of the day, your own preference common advice is that of cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of your tiles regularly. Bathroom tile cleaning is relatively more time consuming and complex in contrast to cleaning other tiled regions. 

We know that cleaning the bathroom is not exactly everyone’s favorite way to spend their time. We also realize the minor yet impactful details that contribute to bathroom tile cleaning. The fact that bathrooms are one of the places where tiles are more prone to stains and deterioration also does not make the cleaning frenzy any easier; so what to do? Don’t worry because GroutExpert is here to give you tips on how to maintain the shine of bathroom tiles.

Routine Care

Routine Care and maintenance of your bathroom tiles help maintain their authentic pristine condition. Mopping and scrubbing combined with simple hot water is the most easily available and effective bathroom tile cleaning method available domestically. 

Home-made Solutions

You are in luck because bathroom tile cleaners can be made easily at home as well and are bound to revive your bathroom tiles shine! Both baking soda and vinegar have a variety of cleaning applications, including bathroom tiles. Spraying heavily stained grout with a solution of vinegar and warm water and then scrubbing it off reveals the clean grout present beneath the stained surface.

For even more thorough cleaning, applying a paste of baking soda in the water on the grout followed by spraying with vinegar tends to do the trick. Once the vinegar and baking soda reaction stops forming foam scrub it off and let the clean grout take over.


Specific Grout Cleaning

If your tiles are squeaky clean, but your grout is not; then what’s the point of bathroom tile cleaning? Dirt affected grout dulls the entire look of tiles no matter how spotless they are. Therefore, specific and extensive grout cleaning is recommended to maintain the hygiene and luster of tiles and grout collectively. Using toothbrushes to get at the small space of grout is a common and highly effective practice. In addition to applying vinegar and baking soda, lemon juice is also used in bathroom tile cleaning and has proven to be useful in eradicating dirt and stains; thus restoring the shine of tiles.

Industrial Cleaning Agents

Hard water has penetrating and permanent effects on the texture and color of tiles. Moreover, soap scum accumulation in bathroom tiles is a common observation but difficult to eradicate. For stains that cannot be dealt with by means of domestic bathroom tiles cleaner, industrial cleaners are available in a wide variety and are guaranteed to refresh your bathroom tiles shine. 

Call Experts!

Despite the variety of bathroom tiles cleaner and bathroom tile cleaning methodologies, there are some situations and resistant stains that cannot be treated at home, thus leaving your tiles dull and unappealing. However, this is your cue to call in experts like GroutExpert. With our team of highly trained professionals, choice of bathroom tile cleaners and systematic cleaning methods; we are bound to restore your bathroom tiles shine.  

Reasons to Clean Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms are notorious for having a humid and moist atmosphere, which gives the perfect opportunity for mold and mildew to propagate. The ideal place for fungal growth is the porous and uneven surface of the grout. Fungal outbreak throughout the bathroom exposes individuals to the risk of a number of fatal diseases. The pile-up of dirt alters the entire look of the bathroom and becomes repellant. Leaving this situation unattended leads to tile deterioration which forces people to take drastic and expensive measures to restore or replace those tiles. However, in light of the above-mentioned tricks, we believe the situation cannot go so bad if these tips are followed religiously. When the problem can be easily prevented, there is no reason to let it go unnoticed and pave the way for it to go out of hand.

However, if it does go out of hand, you always know that GroutExpert is just one call away!


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