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Top tips for Pregnancy Photography

Pregnancy Photography

Every photographer loves to take photos, and every one of them has a specialization in one area. There are different areas of photography, like wedding photography, nature photography, travel, and wildlife photography. Every field requires some special skills to achieve perfection and success.

Maternity photography means capturing the real-life emotion of a mother for their child, who is ready to come into the world. Only photographers with some years of experience in pregnancy photography are able to click the emotion of a mother. Let us explore some best tips to shoot awesome clicks in the field of maternity photography.

Take photos of mom alone

Many photographers prefer taking photos of the couple, but some prefer taking photos of the mom alone. When a mom embraces her baby bump, the photographs you take a look more tender and meaningful.

There are many poses in which you can take photographs of the mother. BY different poses we mean, sitting, standing, from a side, hands-on belly, etc.

Let her stand and take full length, half length and close up shots of her. Once you have taken enough portraits, you can experiment with different poses and props.

Hands on Belly

It is natural for every pregnant mom to touch her bump. You can take the photos by asking her to pose with hands on her belly. Try to make variations by asking her to place her hands on her hips, in the pockets, and even on her hair.

While moms place their hands on the belly, most of them also look down to their belly. It can look unnatural and lead to a double chin in the photo. Therefore, the photographer needs to ensure that the photo looks natural and ask the mother to look at the camera.

Don’t forget the eye contact, and ask her to smile as everyone loves the photos of a smiling person. You can ask the mom to vary her expressional from a sober smile to more intense laughter.

Take photos of the couple.

Only because the belly is the focal point doesn’t mean that dad can’t have his time in front of the camera. Have dad kneel with both hands on either side to get close to the belly. Have him talk and enjoy the proximity to the mom and her belly.

Another great idea of maternity pose is to have father standing half behind mom and placing his hands on her belly. Get in close, to take a shot of the hands and belly. Take a mid-length photograph and focus on the eyes of the father, rather than the mom.

Photos with Big Brother or sister

Need we really explain? Older children cannot wait until their siblings arrive, so be sure to capture the excitement — before any competition sets in!

Play during a photoshoot with kids. Encourage them to dream and sing and dance and be crazy and then be prepared to take a lot of pictures of something that happens.

The photographs will radiate warmth and happiness if they’re having fun. Do not forget snacks, either. Of course, your success depends on the mood of your model, however, if you are prepared to take plenty of photos, you are sure to win.

Use Props and Accessories

Maternity photography sessions are a great way to capture the excitement of the parents coming to meet their baby soon. Many who know their baby’s gender, or have selected names, will want to include that in the maternity session.

If they want to add to the maternity shoot, make sure you pose them so you can concentrate on them as well as on the prop/accessories. If they carry tiny shoes, you can capture various poses with the shoes. Take one where the shoes are next to their feet on the floor, and take a close shot of them.

There’s a lot of cuter stuff than a teeny little pair of baby shoes. Paired with that beautiful bump, it could be the perfect picture indeed.

Capture the emotion

Talk before the session with the mom or the couple about how awkward all of this might be. Some people feel so dumb in front of a camera, remind them that it is perfectly normal, and a great warm-up for potential newborn images. When they really begin to expect a new baby ‘s excitement, it can be seen in their expressions and body language. It is important to help the mother or couple to create a warm emotion so that you can capture the same in your photos.

Final Words

These are the tips for pregnancy photography that you can use in your sessions. Photographers in Sydney make use of all these tips in pregnancy photography Sydney sessions. A maternity photographer should aim to capture the right emotion of moms and couples for their coming baby and create beautiful pictures of them.


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