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Tips for Painting the Exterior Walls of a House

The exterior walls of home face adverse weather conditions and tend to deteriorate faster than interior paint. Exterior walls, doors, and windows have to withstand harsh conditions like rain, storms, snow, dirt, dust, and moisture. Due to these external conditions, the outer walls deteriorate in a few years, and owners need to repaint them.

You can hire a professional painting contractor or try it yourself. It is always the best option to hire a professional contractor as residential painters. Whether you hire a contractor or prefer to DIY, you need to know the steps to paint the house. This post shares tips on how to paint the exterior of a home.

Preparation work

The first step in painting a house is to prepare the walls and surfaces for the new paint. To paint the walls, homeowners must clean and repair them for new paint. Walls collect dirt, dust, moisture, and stains over the years that must be removed before painting. Therefore, these are the stages of paintwork that every homeowner must follow.

Wash the walls

Washing the walls is the best way to get rid of dust and dirt. You can use a pressure washer to clean the walls. If there is no pressure washer, you can connect the pressure nozzle to your garden hose to create pressure and connect the hose to a water pump. If there are more stains on the walls, you can use a detergent solution for washing the walls and rinsing them afterward.

Scrape the walls

There are flakes of the worn paint on some walls and other surfaces that must be removed before applying the new paint. Use manual scrapers or machines to scrape worn paint off walls, doors, windows, and other surfaces. Removing worn paint makes it easier to paint surfaces, and the new paint sticks well.

Sand the walls

Paint does not stick properly on rough and uneven surfaces. Therefore, it is necessary to sand them so that the walls and other surfaces such as doors and windows become uniform for the new paint. Sanding surfaces makes the paint adhere well, whether you paint with brushes, rollers, or sprayers.

Repair damaged surfaces

After washing the walls and removing the worn paint, you need to repair the damaged areas. Every wall has some stains, holes, or cracks that you need to remove and repair those areas. Use epoxy filler or wall putty to fill the cracks and pores in the walls with a fraying knife.

Caulk trim

If there are gaps between door or window trim and walls, you can fill them with a caulk gun. Homes with composite materials, such as brick and siding, need caulk along the surfaces where the different materials are met.

These were the steps involved in the preparation work. After completing the prep work, the walls and other surfaces are ready to be painted with new paint.

Prime windows and doors

Doors and windows need to be prepared to prevent rust and pests. Also, primed surfaces enhance the paint stick, which also extends its life.

Choose the correct color.

The next step is to choose the right paint color for your exterior walls. You can choose any color for exterior walls. As a general rule, it is best to choose a lighter color if you live in warmer climates and darker places in colder climates. It’s perfect to go with a lighter color for places experiencing both the summer and winter seasons.

Protect doors, windows, and lights.

Cover the doors, windows, and lights with plastic sheeting to prevent paint spills. You can get the plastic foil to make a home improvement store or paint store.

Get paint supplies.

After covering the door, windows, and accessories, you need to get all the necessary materials for painting. Homeowners usually need paint buckets, trays, brushes, rollers, duct tape, ladders, and cloths to drop. If you want to paint more accurately, you can also use paint sprayers and other professional tools.

Start painting

After collecting all the materials, you can start painting the exterior walls with the right tools. It is better to paint the walls with a wire brush or a paint sprayer. Use appropriate small or wide brushes to paint doors, windows, and decorations. Homeowners should cover their faces with masks and wear rubber gloves when coloring surfaces.

Let it dry

The paint requires some time to dry according to the weather and climate. It may take a day to dry in hot climates while two or more days for drying in cold locations. Some people prefer the second coat of paint to make it look more uniform. Whether you go for a second coat or not, you should inspect the walls for any imperfections and correct them if you find any.

Final Words

These are the tips to paint the exterior of a house. You can use these tips to paint the walls of your house. However, DIY painting cannot match the quality of professional painters. Therefore, it is always best to hire professional painters to paint your house. People who want to paint their offices can hire services like commercial painting Moorooka to get a high-quality paint job.


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