Tips and Techniques for SEO Content Writing: Rank on Google Without Any Link Building

Are you struggling with your business’s Search Engine Ranking and are clueless about the root cause? Here are ways to rank.

When we talk about search engine optimization,”Content is king.”Your content plays a vital role in achieving a sustainable search engine ranking. If you are a content writer, you have probably heard the saying already. SEO and content both work hand in hand. If you don’t have quality content on your blog or website, it is quite challenging to rank on the first page for your business-specific keywords. Likewise, if you have great content, but you are not practicing ethical SEO, regardless of how useful your content is, it will do you no good.

The relationship between SEO and content is very strong for search engine ranking,which is why you have to know important techniques of SEO content writing. Let’s proceed with the tips and tricks of SEO writing and see how you can make your content awesome and your website rank higher on search engine results.

  • Know your audience

This is the most important tip in SEO content writing. Understand your target audience and their needs before you put pen to paper. Make your content appealing so that it can trigger an interest among your target market. The information should be valuable for your prospects. Be sure to answer their questions, and don’t try to sell.

  • Keeping it all together

It is essential to keep all your original content under your domain. If you are creating a sub folder within your website, then keep the URL structure like- A broken URL structure affects search engine ranking. Embed all your original content like video, infographics, or news on your website, so that it can be shared anywhere.

  • Headline – the power punch

Headlines are the most powerful formula to grab your audience’s attention. Always make clear and compelling headlines with a related keyword. Other than your headline, you must write a great meta description, and that should elaborate the detail of your content strongly. Don’t forget that your title and meta description are the first things that are crawled by search engines.

  • Keywords are the game-changer

Use the correct keywords and keyword-rich phrases in your headlines. It helps both readers and search engines know about the post. But never over stuff keywords in your content; it can lead to search engine penalties. Write as organically as you can. Take help from Google Keyword Planner to perform initial research for keywords or your related topics.

  • Always create a structured post

To make your content visible on search engines, follow a structured format for the post. Use proper tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) and small paragraphs to make the content more readable for your audience.

  • Add images to enhance appearance

Make use of relevant and eye-catching images that better explain the point you’re trying to drive home. The appearance of your blog post can be enhanced by using great pictures. It will be an added advantage when you promote your content on social media.

  • Social media

Promote your content on social media to generate more traffic on your website. Use the correct call to action (CTA) buttons when you run campaigns for your business. It will help your click through rate (CTR).

These are some of the tips and techniques for SEO content writing that you can’t afford to overlook. Use these SEO writing techniques and rank higher on search engines.

Author Bio: AsadKausar (SEO Expert Chicago) is a search engine marketing expert who has been in the industry since 2009. He runs a Chicago-based marketing agency, Dabaran, that provides link building, technical SEO, and copy-writing services.

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