The Six Types of Gift Givers — Which One Are You?

Some people find joy in gift-giving. Those who give without asking for anything in return because they just want the notion of making someone feel appreciated with little things. Those who love the smell of unrolled gift wrappers and find wrapping a very exciting experience. And, those who feel the pure happiness of seeing how the person loves the gift that is kept for her. 

What should we call these kinds of gift-giver, then?  

We all have different stances about gift-giving. While some people are enjoying it, others are happier to receive presents. For people who experience giving presents, it’s kind of fun to know what kind of gift-giver they are. Let’s see if you can recognize yourself or anyone else you know with our six categories of a gift-giver. 

The Genuine Gift-Giver

Consider yourself lucky if you have a friend or two of these genuine gift-givers in your life. A genuine gift giver thinks about the person and what on earth would give this special person a pleasure. In other words, he or she knows exactly what will make you happy on your birthday, Christmas season, and other special celebrations in the world. Genuine gift-givers will give you presents, not because it’s customary, but because they genuinely want to do so. In that case, no one can ever doubt the intentions of a genuine gift-giver about offering a present. I guess this is the kind of gift-giver we all should aim to be.    

The Safe Players

Thinking of the right gift to give can be a challenging task for anyone. For safe players, the safest option is to give collectibles as a present to their loved ones. Maybe they are just afraid of making experiments when it comes to gift-giving because sometimes, it might go severely wrong. Hence, if you are into arts or something, I bet you know what your safe-player lover would give you on your birthday.   

The Status-Hound Givers

A total opposite of genuine gift-givers, the status-hound is only giving away expensive presents to show off their money and status. More than that, they want to show their power through their gifts that sometimes it’s better to refuse the present because doing so might only indicate their power over you. And it’s not like we’re sending off our dignity just for some expensive presents that are not actually kept for us.    

The Last-Minute Gift Giver

Also known as “The Deadliner”, this type of giver is someone who rarely prepares in advance about gifting and hence end up giving money as gifts. If you always find yourself gifting money to newlyweds and new homeowners, then consider yourself as an extreme last-minute gift giver. While there is nothing really bad about being a last-minute gifter, some people are just likely to wait for something different (or something more special) when it is a meaningful occasion for them. So, might as well, give them something special more than just cash or gift vouchers they are less likely to use.     

The Re-Gifter

Instead of throwing away the presents they have received anytime in the past, the re-gifters would pass them to others as gifts. We all receive items we don’t usually need. Regifters believe that it is best to give those kinds of stuff to whoever needs them more.

The Power Player Gift Giver

Gift-giving does not always make you a good person, especially if you are the power-player type of a giver. This is probably the worst kind — the giver who really knows how to hurt or disappoint someone through the gift he or she is giving. For example, giving something that is two sizes too small to a friend whom you know is overweight is a huge red flag.    


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