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The choice of a medical college in Australia

You have to deal with two sides of a picture if you want to understand a particular phenomenon. At the same time, we have to evaluate how to mold some down factors into a strength so that to get maximum benefits. In a similar case, we can see a medical exam which is a quite hectic and difficult thing for fresh medical graduates. A large number of international applicants apply for the AMC MCQ Exam in Australia every year due to competitive study stations. This unique test is considered almost similar to USLME and can be evaluated from its test material and preparation pattern. With some basic knowledge, we will try to provide hidden information that can help to go through the complete process.

Keep one thing in your mind that the AMC clinical pass rate is 10-15% from last year and the current status is still unknown. From last year’s behavior, we can see that this is a very low trend than other developed regions. If we have a look at the medical institutions, these are divided into different ranking systems which college will accept you as a potential candidate, it depends on the following things:

  • Your past academic record from matric to intermediate
  • Your test score in AMC which is important.

A large number of Australian graduates are interested in this test because they don’t prefer other tests. There is a huge competition and most of the time there are no intern positions vacated for overseas doctors. Based on our findings, we can claim that lots of overseas doctors are searching for jobs in Australia but only a competitive person can take a position. What we can get after completing AMC is another world because we cannot say anything before the time. If you would like to ask my journey related or AMC, I know approx. 35 doctors from different regions who migrated to Australia with us got reputed jobs. But this story is very old and some time from 2010-2012, but the current situation is different.

In this article, we will provide you very important information about the study material which would be relevant to the test. You can also get some help from relevant books to get an overall idea regarding AMC Exam in Australia. According to the information we have gathered from the last ten years, John Murtagh 5th Edition is a book which is a bit close to your preparation as all optional answers are very close. This is the beauty of a book that can provide you information that is completely perfect regarding a particular test.


Besides the online portal of AMC, several other sites can help you to prepare yourself for this test. I can assure you that you would be able to get updated information and manage your seat in a college.

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