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The 8 most innovative SEO techniques that will take your business to the top of Google

Appearing at the top of the search engines is the dream of anyone with a website . And if you are reading this it is because to a certain extent it is also yours.

Appearing at the top of the search engines is the dream of anyone with a website . And if you are reading this it is because to a certain extent it is also yours. And it is normal, because …

Who does not want to be on top of Google and as a consequence gain visibility , qualified traffic and a lot but a lot of money ?

For this you need to be up to date on SEO techniques  so that Google takes you into account when classifying your page with the different content and deciding whether it is useful for users or not. In other words, you have to give Google what it wants in order to earn a place at the top of its podium , and as you know this is not exactly easy.

Without going any further, Google makes more than 500 changes a year in its algorithms – something like computer programs that search for clues to offer users the most relevant results according to their searches – , which means that the requirements to appear in the first Search engine sites change constantly and as a consequence it is increasingly difficult to know what actions to implement so that your website is better positioned.

In other words:  what used to work years ago is now obsolete and  new practices are constantly emerging that can help you position your website to appear at the top of organic searches.

Therefore,  how do you know which SEO techniques have become obsolete and which are the ones that have been going strong in 2016? Very easy:  we tell you .

5 outdated SEO techniques you should stop implementing if you don’t want to be penalized by Google

If you have a business with an Internet presence, it is likely that by now you have begun to incorporate some SEO techniques in order to get a good positioning of your website in the search engines,  but be careful because without knowing it, what you are doing can be counterproductive for your business .

The reason? Many of the SEO techniques that were successful years ago have now become obsolete and outdated, and not only that, but in addition to  not having any kind of impact, they  may end up causing  Google to penalize you and lower your ranking in the SEO ranking .

That’s why we are going to share the five most used techniques that no longer cause impact so that you know what they are and so you can avoid them – and with them, Google’s anger .  Take note!

1. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

If you are thinking of positioning your website  using excessively keywords or keywords in each of your content, forget it.

This is what is known as  Keyword Stuffing and it is not only  the oldest spam technique in search engines but it is also the first one that any search engine fights, from Google to the most modest.

In fact, absolutely all the search engines  punish and penalize those web pages that have the purpose of manipulating the results  to position themselves first of the search engines by means of unfair practices  and abusing the same word or phrase over and over again.

Let’s be honest, if typing the same keyword thousands of times were to achieve a better positioning, everyone would be first , don’t you think?

The following example shows you just what you should NEVER do .

Extra tip : Keep in mind that the use of keywords in a text should never be less than 2% nor more than 7% of the total number of words . You can use tools like Keyword Analyzer  to make sure you’re on the right track.

2. Say no to artificial link building

The link building or link building is one of the most important SEO techniques but at the same time  is the most headaches can cause you .

It is a very common practice  in online marketing that consists of improving the positioning thanks to links from other web pages – third-party links  – that point to yours, but if you do not do it well and Google detects you, it will certainly penalize you and a lot.

Years ago search engines considered that  the more you target a certain site, the better it is . Therefore, those sites that received the most links from third parties were rewarded with better positions . So far so good.

The problem is that many companies began to link artificially with poor quality links or “unnatural” as Google calls them. Search engines have detected it and have taken measures in this regard, punishing those who do that and leaving them out of account when positioning a web page.

And although link building well done is one of the best SEO techniques as you will see later, it is important that you stop creating links and more links that indiscriminately point to your website and flee from the  agreed link exchanges with others pages , purchase of links and registration in directories only to add your links .

3. Stop using meta tags

meta tag is a tag found in the source code of a web page that describes the content on it.

Years ago, meta tags served to tell Google what the keywords of your page were  and in fact for a long time they were indispensable for a good online SEO strategy.

But today with the update of Google’s algorithms they are no longer so important and this practice is not only outdated but has been used so much to spam that Google now penalizes it .

Of course, do not confuse it with the  meta description,  that is, the description of the theme of your content that appears in the search results because  this is essential for both Google and your audience .

4. Don’t write thinking only about search engines

Let us give you some advice:  write to be read to . And if along the way you partner with Google, better than better.

The reason is very simple: for years, many businesses have tried to position their pages  writing only for Google , and although it is very good to think about the search engine, you should not fall into the error of forgetting your readers because, after all, they have the power to help you climb positions consuming your content.

Basically,  creating sparse and irrelevant content and even generating it automatically by software or automatically translating it without revision is highly penalized by Google.

So remember that  blogging is a communication action to help your readers find the answer they need. And it is the quality of your content that will make it valuable and therefore search engines put it first.

So when it comes to creating content, take it forward

5. Don’t get stuck in what you already know

In SEO topics you will never know everything because as we told you above, new techniques and practices constantly arise that you must join to avoid suffering a free fall towards the last positions of the search engine ranking.

So constantly learn, implement new practices and avoid unfair things because  Google, even if you don’t see it, is everywhere watching you .

And if you want more reasons to bet on new SEO techniques, here are 12 that will not leave you indifferent:

And now that you know what you should not do in SEO matters, we are going to see the 8 most innovative SEO techniques of this 2016 that yes or yes you should implement since they will help you obtain a good web positioning. For more help, you can get in touch with the affordable seo services and enhance the SEO of your website.


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