Shredded Bamboo Cooling Pillow with Adjustable Loft 4D

Bamboo Cooling Pillow

Shredded Bamboo Cooling Pillow

If you wake up feeling overheated or find your pajamas and sheets drenched in your own sweat, it may not be because you’re wearing too many layers or have the thermostat too high. There’s a good chance you could be experiencing episodes of extreme perspiration and could benefit from trying out one of the best bamboo cooling pillows for night sweats.

The term night sweats refer to repeated and excessive sweating during sleep. Some of the known causes of night sweats are menopause, certain medications, bacterial infections, hypoglycemia, and hormone conditions.

If you think you could be suffering from severe night sweats, you should seek help from your medical provider.

Of course, night sweats may not stem from an underlying medical condition, and you may also just be a hot sleeper. Either way, a bamboo cooling pillow is a great way to help improve your overall quality of sleep.

The main benefit of shredded memory foam over solid is that you can often customize the thickness to meet your needs (some models let you add or remove foam from the inside). Shredded memory foam is also more breathable overall, which provides additional comfort. Some of these models also come infused with a cooling gel to keep your head and neck cooler longer.

Another thing to keep in mind is the type of material your pillow’s casing is made from. Some fabrics like cotton or satin are known to absorb heat, so you’ll want to avoid those if possible. Instead, consider a more breathable fabric like bamboo. It has antimicrobial properties and is naturally hypoallergenic, so can be much more gentle overall.

Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, the best bamboo cooling pillow for hot sleepers included below will suit every kind of sleeper and hopefully help you give the peaceful night’s rest you deserve.


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