Questions to Ask to Choose the Right Photographer for 360 Photography for Business

360 photography has immensely gained in popularity, taking the marketing world by storm. This is primarily because of the rising demand for Google virtual tours. These virtual tours leverage interactive 360 photography for businesses to present the customers with an inside view of their premises.

In this article, we will talk about the most important questions that you must ask your 360 photographer before hiring him. This simple checklist of questions will help you make a good decision and get your hands on an intuitive and engaging virtual tour.

  1. What type of equipment do you use to shoot 360 photos?

This is a really important question since the type of equipment used can mean the difference between a professional virtual tour and an amateur one. Until recently, Google has dropped the bar, allowing almost anyone to create virtual tours for business. Owing to this ease of becoming a Google Trusted Photographer, many individuals are resorting to the use of low-grade photography equipment.

This means that anyone with a little knowledge can stitch the low-res photographs together to produce a virtual tour. However, you must understand that these dodgy cameras come nowhere close to the quality offered by a DSLR camera. So, make sure the person you choose is not just using any 360 camera. He must possess a high-quality DSLR for producing professional 360 photography for business.

  1. Which rooms will you shoot and which ones will you omit?

This is another question that must be asked before beginning the process to avoid uncertainty later on. This is because photographers sometimes skip some areas. At times, they have a good reason for it, but other times, it is just out of laziness. For instance, some photographers will only help you capture the entrance area, while others will go inside the room and go the extra mile to cover the exit as well.

So, make sure to understand how deep into the area the photographer is willing to go. Remember once they leave, your tour will be done. There is no going back to introduce changes.

  1. What kind of 360 photography for business have you done before?

The experience of the photographer matters a lot. It is a good idea to look at the portfolio of the photographer and understand his quality level before hiring him. While reviewing the portfolio, here are some things that you must pay attention to:

  • Almost all virtual tours created using 360 photos that are uploaded on Google bear the name of the creator. Make sure this name lines up with the photographer. This is because many photographers end up presenting pictures and virtual tours that haven’t been created by them.
  • Look at the quality of the pictures and check out the lighting. Be very judgmental because they will be doing your project next and it is very unlikely that their quality will improve.
  • Closely see if there are any unnecessary things in the pictures that shouldn’t be there. Such as garbage cans, poorly-lit areas, people’s faces, places that don’t look clean, etc. If you see any such things, it is an indication that the photographer is not paying attention to details.
  1. Should my place be free of customers and staff when you want to do the photography?

This will help you to make the necessary arrangements for the tour. Some photographers prefer the space squeaky clean and absolutely people-free. On the other hand, some professionals like their virtual tours better when the place looks busy. So, you must ask the photographer for his suggestion and preference while conducting 360 photography for business.

  1. Are you insured?

If your 360 photographer is not insured, then you are taking a big chance. If they come to your property and any mishap happens, they might ask you to bear the cost. So, it’s better to ask them straight away if they have insurance for all the equipment they bring to your site. This will save you from any sudden expenses, in case anything goes out of hand.

These are the top 5 questions that you must definitely as the professional before hiring him for 360 photography for business. Asking these questions in advance will help you in finding the most suitable photographer and consequently, get the best results.

To locate a few good 360 photographers in your area, you can conduct an extensive online search. Don’t forget to go through the professional website of the photographer, if there is one, and check out the customer reviews and testimonials.


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