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Pandemic Safety: Exercise Equipment Sanitation Tips during the Covid-19 Outbreak

The coronavirus disease pandemic is surely affecting numerous countries around the world. Cities, towns, districts, from vast and huge areas down to the narrow and small lands, it is sad how many lives are currently suffering with the disease if not quarantined in their own houses for their own safety.

International health agencies have told everyone since the beginning of this outbreak that it is important to wash hands and remain protected with the use of face masks. Definitely, cleanliness is put with a higher regard by the whole world right now. 

Keep in mind that not only your hands must be clean but also the things you touch and often hold. While staying at home nowadays is the safest, you still should never forget about proper sanitation. As you know, you have more time now doing the things you weren’t able to do at home when you were so busy outside. One of those things is working out; you might be taking advantage of this stay-at-home rule now by making sure that you are fit and healthy. As you do that, see to it that everything you use is kept clean too.

To guide you, below are 7 tips regarding exercise equipment sanitation during a pandemic — in today’s case during the Covid-19 outbreak.


[1] Wash your hands

We cannot get this out of any important sanitation list during this Covid-19 outbreak. Washing your hands is absolutely on top of the list. It is not only for touching your face and other body parts but also objects at home such as your exercise equipment. 

Before and after working out, wash your hands. Regardless if it is a fitness ball a, jump rope, a treadmill, a bench press or any exercise equipment that you are about to use or that you are finished using, clean your hands with soap and water within the recommended amount of time or as much as needed for your hands to get clean.

Aside from the fact that your hands get really sweaty as well when you work out, these exercise equipment might be used by other family members. If that is the case, prioritize washing of hands before and after using them. 


[2] Disinfect your exercise equipment

Never skip disinfecting all the exercise equipment you use big and small. As long as they are utilized, they must be sanitized. 

You can use alcohol or cleansing wipes if the equipment can be used with them, like if it will not fade or get rusty. However, most exercise equipment especially the huge ones like spin bikes, aerobic steppers and rowing machines have their specific cleaners and shiners. As you can see these are heavy exercise equipment, but you probably have one of these or more if you have your personal gym at home.

Of course, you cannot ignore other exercise tools such as fitness and yoga mats, dumbbells, exercise balls and others.


[3] Thoroughly dry exercise equipment

Thoroughly drying your exercise equipment after washing it is as important as washing it. Do not leave them wet, irresponsibly exposed to air. 

Wipe them carefully before completely leaving them. Make sure no water or liquids remain. Bacteria build-up happens in moist areas. You also do not want slimy or rusty portions to spring up from your beloved exercise equipment.


[4] Cover exercise machines

When exercise machines are not in use and are placed on dust-prone spots at home, they easily get dirty and attractive to germs. Cover them with clean cloth or with their respective equipment covers when not in use. 

Aside from keeping them clean, doing so also lessens the work that you should do in keeping them neat and tidying them up.


[5] Clean equipment storage rooms

This is especially if you are really a fitness lover. If you have storage rooms for your exercise equipment, clean them regularly as well or every after use as necessary. This eliminates possible bacteria build-up and germ magnetization. This is also a chance for you to arrange your exercise equipment in better positions in the room. Since it is the one housing your essential exercise equipment, this room must also be disinfected to perform its role well.


[6] Utilize bags

Exercise equipment that come with their own protective bags obviously call for some wise security and sanitation. Utilize them well. Don’t let them get oldened inside your cabinets. 

For others, shelves are their protection, so use them responsibly. Remember, these bags and other carrying instruments like boxes help prevent scratches on your equipment. Moreover, they lessen the impact and effect just in case your equipment drops or bumps on to something hard. 

For sanitation purposes, these bags of course, shield your equipment from unhealthy dirt and dust.


[7] Be mindful others usage

Viruses are transferred and spread through sneezing and coughing and more often true holding the same things. 

Be mindful of the people in your house that use the exercise equipment you use. Make sure that they also prioritized cleanliness and that they thoughtfully workout and not carelessly. Let them do the safety measures you do. This is not only for the safety of oneself but for all members of the family and every individual inside your house. You can be altogether healthy and smart at home by being extra careful and considerate of everyone’s lives and desire to be in good shape and thriving.




You might be just at home keeping yourself healthy while hopefully praying that the pandemic will be over soon but do not be complacent about your own health and safety inside your house. The exercise equipment you use are among the things you have at home to which bacteria and viruses might attach. If you are not the only one using them, they could be mediator of spreading those unwanted elements. Bear in mind to sanitize your exercise equipment because if you do use it a lot, especially today, it is part of maintaining a good health and a safe home.


Nicole Ann Pore knows the importance of being fit, healthy and disciplined, and she shares her interest and knowledge about it through research and writing. From various exercise equipment and routines to the correlation of fitness to life, Nicole creates content that informs and even entertains. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. 



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