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Make Smartphone Downtime Useful for your Kids with The Quizopedia App

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have taken over the world. Out of all, children are more fascinated by smartphones. But with the ever-changing technology, parents are able to harness that curiosity and use educational applications on smartphones to boost early learning. Kids these days spend more time staring at smartphones screen than books, but that time can also be educational.

It’s no secret that starting early makes it easier to learn a second language, but things get even easier with a fun app like Duolingo. Kids can choose from a substantial list of languages—including French, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, and more—and learn through bite-sized lessons that feel more like games. Plus, this app is also great for adults. With a little screen time, family dinners could soon be in a foreign language!

After intense research, I came across The Quizopedia. After using it for a brief time I found that this quiz apps could be particularly useful for teaching early math and language skills. It gives kids a chance to learn math concepts without straining all their energy. They simply introduce a math quiz in an entertaining and easy-to-answer way. The Quizopedia is a helpful platform for school children to enhance their general knowledge.

This App is Easy to Use


Quiz App for students

Parents need to know that The Quizopedia is an education app used primarily by parents to prepare their kids for competitive exams and quizzes. Parents can create their kid’s account using Google account and class information and can monitor their child’s performance. The app includes hundreds of quizzes on a range of subjects — from academic to fun topics. Each quiz is followed by a summary par which is also shared on the email.

I would suggest this app to every parent out there who is worried about their kids spending more time on the smartphone.


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