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Installing Skylights in Metal Roofing

Complete Guide

Skylight is an important part when it comes to roofing. Here you will get the complete guide on how to install a skylight panel into metal roofing. Before sharing this guide on installing skylights in metal roofing we asked much roofing contractors. Only one single roofing contractor responded to our call and give us a few roofing guides on how to install skylights in metal roofing. Now metal roofing works really well with a variety of different types of skylights, including the curb mounted v Lux style skylights that you see in a lot of people’s homes. It works great with a product. I’m a big fan of which is the tubular type of skylights, and those are all great for places inside your house that are insulated.

Phase 1

The type of skylight that I’m going to be talking about today is good for areas like this carport behind me that are not insulated. This works great in barns or in sheds places that you don’t have to worry about heating and cooling because this is going to be a real thin air skylight that would let a lot of heat out of your house and not really work in that kind of space. But out here in this carport, as you can see, it’s a really cloudy morning, but still, this these skylight panels are letting a tremendous amount of light into this carport. Now you can’t see it but off to my left here is the side of the house we’ve got a couple of doors a garage door some windows and stuff like that. And we put this carport up. It’s pretty large, and it was going to cut off a lot of the light that went back into the garage space over here through the windows and through the garage door.

So we also do a lot of work under this carport. So I wanted to be able to bring a little bit of natural light in. What we did was put in three little pieces of the polycarbonate skylight panels. I’ve got a little piece of one here I don’t know how well you can see this in the video it’ll make more sense up there, but this is a clear polycarbonate panel, and it’s shaped in the same profile as a metal roofing so we can just put the panels in where we would put a normal metal roofing panel into it goes in basically the same way. Like I said in just a second here, I’ll show it. But this is a clear version. The ones that we put into the carport behind me are a translucent version of the same panel. They’re more opaque. You can’t see directly through them. I usually recommend these, though, because you don’t get any of the kind of glaring. The bright light that you would through a clear panel like this. You still get a tremendous amount of really nice diffused light like you can see coming through here behind me, so I’m going to go back up on the roof right now, and we’ll show you how we can put them. It is a best practice by all the known and best roofing companies. They often perform this during roof inspection.

Phase 2

To install your probable carbon and panels, your metal roofing. It’s really simple. You’re going to use basically the same techniques that you used to install the metal panels.

It’s going to be fastened approximately every two feet on Center going up the panel these come in generally come in say twelve-foot lengths.

But you know obviously with a 112 footer for this project and cut them into three different skylights you don’t have to have a huge skylight to let light in below it. So we just use the short little section. And you’re going to use the

Two-Piece metal techniques like we described in some of the other sections where you do your flashing, so to put this panel in. We installed. This panel first on the bottom. Right the skylight panel in, and then you can’t quite see it on the camera here, but there’s just another panel that lays on top of it. A couple of important points about installing this type of panel: you want to make sure that you overlap over the next panel is pretty healthy. So. Right here, I bet you this metal panel comes up to read about here. You can’t see it real well. Want to make sure that there’s an adequate overlap so that we can seal it, and you’re not going to get water coming back up under it—the same thing at the top of the panel. You want to make sure that the next metal panel above your skylight panel comes well on top of it—the skylight panel. When you’re laying this out, you want to make sure that your skylight panel hits on at least two of your wood strips below it. OK. In this case, we hit on three because we put this one by four wood strips on 16-inch centers on this particular carport. But you can see there’s a lot of screws going in up here at the top of the panel.

Phase 3

There’s a line of screws going in here at the bottom of the panel. To important things to do when you’re installing this skylight panel. That. It’s different a little bit from just installing metal roofing panel. First. The very important thing you need to do. Before you screw your screws in, you could just take your screw and put it directly through this panel would work fine, but we found that in. The future if you do this the polycarbonate panel tends to want to crack around those screws, and I’m not sure if it’s because of the expansion and contraction of the panel over time or is just something that happens when you put the screw in but to prevent that you want to pre-drill the holes for your screw-in this polycarbonate panel again. We’ve used the screws on the same screw pattern that I described in my other videos and just pre-drill them with a good-sized drill bit first. You don’t want to make them too big so that the washer is not going to keep the water out of that hole, but pre-drilled them before you put the screws in and then when you put the screws in. Be gentle and don’t overdrive them because I think that’s one of the things that crack—the polycarbonate panels around the screws.

The second thing that you want to make sure to do when you’re installing these skylight panels in any type of roofing. Now this particular shed roof. That we install for this carport is pretty flat. I’d say this is probably a one well one and a half 12—something like that pretty flat. Works great for metal roofing is never leaked or anything like that, but you want to make sure to seal between the different panels, and this goes if you’re just lapping two metal panels like this over each other. In this case, as I said, we installed this so that there’s a wood strip here and a wood strip at the top. And as we were putting this polycarbonate panel in. We took a generous amount. I mean, I’m talking like maybe half a tube of sealant under here. Laid it down. Underneath the panel and then bedded the polycarbonate skylight panel down into that clear ceiling. You could use beauty tape, for this would be a great choice maybe put two nice friends of brutal tape down here. We used the clear through the roof sealant. Any type of glass America sealant would work fine here, but. The crucial point here. You want to make sure that the beauty tape you’re sealing is. Downhill. From the fasteners. OK.

So if you put the ceiling above the fasteners water could still Wick its way up under this panel and then leak into the screw hole here. So sealant below the fasteners that prevent any water from waking up under the panel and then leaking into the screw holes or just leaking down in behind the skylight. The same thing goes for your top lap after you’ve got the panel in. We’ve got these screws input a thick layer of sealant down and then bring the metal roofing panel down on top of it and. Put your screws in there pull the sealant real tight it’s nice to pry can’t see this from back there but there’s a nice little bleed out of the seal and all along with the surge which tells me that it’s sealed up real good. And

Phase 4

That’s the basics on how to install this it goes down pretty much just like any other piece of metal roofing with that couple a couple of little contingencies in mind. One thing that I want to warn you about to be really careful about these don’t panels are real durable and will support a lot of weight. But when you’re working on these and especially if you’re working on a metal roof that has old panels like this, you’ll be real careful not to step on them. If we’re working on a roof that has some old panels like this frequently made out of fiberglass in the past, these like a set of probable carbonate, but they can be real brittle. It’s a big safety hazard. So when we’re working on those rooms, I usually rope them off and or put some cages over top of them to prevent anyone from accidentally stepping on them and falling through.

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