Importance of a fire extinguisher

Importance of a fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is an equipment that is used to blow out the fire immediately. Fire incidents happen frequently in public areas, sometimes at houses also due to many reasons. Before you wait for the firefighters to come and put out the fire, it is the first defense that you can take against the small level fire.

It is indeed small equipment but it can prove remarkably strong to save you and your loved one’s life. Not only it provides life safety but also it can save your living space from burning.

Their importance cannot be ignored when talking about the safety measures at any place like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and other public places.

  • They can be immediately used to put out the fire by any staff member if the fire emerges.
  • It is not compulsory to wait for the outer help i-e from professional firefighters if the fire is in the small area.
  • They are the small cylinders that are easy to handle and take away to the incident location.
  • Their maintenance is not much expensive as compared to their benefits as they can save precious lives.

It is an early defense when the fire starts but when it catches the higher levels, more advanced equipment is required that is operated by trained firefighters.

Why it is important to maintain fire extinguishers?

Just purchasing a fire extinguisher and installing it at your place is not enough to get its benefit in case of an emergency. It is compulsory to do their inspection at least after a month to check whether it is fully able to put out the fire incident.

As each machine in your house or business organization needs maintenance over time, in the same way fire extinguishers also needs your attention. It is important protective equipment that needs extra care to keep it standardized. When the pressure of the agent inside the extinguisher is low or the nozzle apparatus from where the agent discharges are out or order, there is no use of them in this case.

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When it is essential to get them refilled?

It is the question of every buyer of the fire extinguisher that how should I know that it requires maintenance? Below is given the guideline to check it.

  • Low agent Pressure on the gauge

It is necessary to keep an eye on the pressure gauge of the fire extinguisher. If the needle of the gauge is on green color; it means that it has good pressure as per the standard of the manufacturer to work in case of emergency. If the pressure of the gas inside is less then it is the time to go for the refilling of the substance. Pressure goes down in two cases.

  • Used in case of emergency or training.

If the cylinder has been used in any case of emergency, the pressure of the working agent will definitely go down. Not only in case of a fire incident, but it may also be used to train the staff about its operation in any fire emergency. In this scenario, the pressure will drop and there is a need to refill the extinguisher for proper working.

  • Leakage

If the extinguisher has not been used in any emergency case but the pressure is low on the pressure gauge, there can be a leakage from the cylinder which is lowering the pressure of the substance. It is now required to get checked by the professional with the help of high hydrostatic pressure in an empty cylinder. If the leakage is identified, it should be repaired or replaced. If the leakage is not in the cylinder; then it maybe it the discharge nozzle.

All this can be identified with a monthly inspection of the installed fire extinguishers.

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