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How to Wet Carpet Drying effectively?

Have you ever come across a scene where you observe that all of your houses are filled with water? This can occur due to a large number of unwanted reasons like floods, excessive rains and no proper extraction, leakage or breakage in a water pipe. The things that get affected the most in such situations are the upholstery items. Every one of us has carpets in our homes and offices. They might get wet due to excessive water. Now, this is a big problem as a wet carpet can be a reason for a lot of unwanted circumstances. They can bring germs, bacteria, odor, mold, dirt and a large number of diseases. The question arises that how can you dry this affected carpet. Let’s go through a number of steps that might be helpful in this regard.

Water Extraction

The first step is cutting the water source so that no more water reaches your rooms. Once you are done with it, the next step is the complete water extraction. You can do this manually but if the water is way too much, then you would need the help of the professionals. You can also rent in the water extraction machines from them to work according to your own ease. The advantage of taking help from them is that they have enough experience and modern machines. Both of these things can couple together and do the perfect water extraction for your room.

Steam Cleaning

The next step is the steam cleaning of your carpet. It helps you to clean and sanitize the carpet in the best way possible. There is no need for prolonged drying procedures as there is no use of extra water. The sanitizers must be applied to the rugs because in order to keep them safe from any bacterial attack. You can also use anti-bacterial sprays for this purpose. Just like water extraction, you can also call the service providers for this job because their modern set of machines can offer you supreme carpet sanitizing.

steam cleaning

Moisture Removal

Moisture is extremely dangerous for our health and surrounding atmosphere as it can give rise to harmful bacteria, odor or even mold. Therefore, its complete removal must be your top priority. It can be removed with the help of powerful vacuum and drying machines. Make your health is very important so eliminating the moisture using the latest techniques is very important.

Odor Removal

Once you are done with the moisture removal, the next step is the detection of any odor. There are high chances that odor is produced if the moisture stayed in the rugs for long. Odor removing services are offered by professionals around us and you can get your hands on them at very cheap rates. Always remember that odor can not only bring a lot of frustration and anxiety but it also brings in a bad reputation and embarrassment in front of your visitors. Odor can occur due to various reasons and you should get rid of them at the earliest.

Stain Removal

If the water that has made your carpet wet came from sewerage water, then we are afraid you have something more to do. Complete stain removal is just now. You can do this with the help of baking soda and white vinegar. Mix these two in appropriate amounts with warm water and spray them on the affected area. This chemical solution will remove the stains quickly and efficiently. A slight rubbing with the help of clean cloth will saturate the stains. You can now rinse off the stains with the help of a limited amount of water.

stain removal


Wet carpet drying is not that difficult after all. You just need to focus your attention on some of the simplest methods told to you in the above passage. For good care of your health and environment, you must give due attention to the damages caused by water to your fabric furniture. You can always take help from professional service providers like water damage experts Victoria who reach your staff at once, are experts in their field and have the assistance of the modern machines to get the best possible results for you.


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