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How to Manage Rummaging Behavior of Seniors

Alzheimer’s and dementia may cause memory problems in seniors. Dementia may lead to repetitive behavior in your loved one. Seniors with dementia may try to do something useful. It may hard for you to manage your loved one if he or she has dementia. If you try to stop rummaging in your loved one then it may cause him or her to become agitated or paranoid. Here are some ways to manage your loved one’s behavior to make it less disruptive.

Make Sure Your Loved One Doesn’t Get Hurt

Your loved one with dementia may get hurt if there are dangerous objects in the house. Seniors with dementia may confuse harmful objects for safer objects. Your loved one with dementia may confuse cleaning fluids for normal beverages. To keep your loved one safe while they’re rummaging, remove all the dangerous things and keep them in locked areas. Putting spoiled food such as raw meat in the refrigerator or cabinets may be risky too. If your loved one with dementia is looking for a snack then he or she may able to recognize when food is safer to eat. It may be better to clear out food as it expires right away.

Protect All the Valuables and Documents

Your loved one’s rummaging behavior may stress you out. Seniors with dementia may destroy or lose a valuable object or an important document. It is important for you to remove anything of value or importance and put them in locked areas. It may include jewelry, financial documents, credit cards, or car keys. You can sometimes replace items with fake ones so your loved one won’t notice that it is gone. Your loved one with dementia may hide or throw away the mail when you are not seeing. If your loved one is throwing away the mail then redirect all the mail to your trusted relative or a friend’s house.

Look for Potential Triggers

If your loved one has dementia then he or she may start rummaging in response to a triggering event. Your loved one may rummage at a certain time each day or when he or she gets bored, or feel agitated. Try to help your loved one to stick to a regular daily routine to reduce the anxiety and intense situations. Figure out what causes rummaging in your loved one. Try to prevent rummaging in your loved one if you find a trigger in his or her behavior. Distract your loved one by offering a snack or an activity to prevent the rummaging before it starts.

Reduce Your Loved One’s Boredom with Activities

Boredom and loneliness may cause rummaging behavior in your loved one. Your loved one with dementia may not be able to find satisfying activities. Seniors with dementia may need to interact or socialize with more people. Taking your loved one to an adult day program may prove helpful. You can offer your loved one different activity to reduce the rummaging behavior. Having something engaging to do may distract your loved one from the urge to rummage. Your loved one may enjoy listening to music, solve puzzles, or writing. Try to experiment with different activities to see which ones your loved one’s likes.

Help Your Loved One to Feel Productive

Your loved one may find rummaging as a way to do something productive. Ask your loved one to help you with simple tasks that he or she is able to do. You can ask your loved one to fold the laundry, sort silverware or paperwork, or organize a junk drawer. In this way, you may help your loved one to reduce his or her boredom and feel like he or she is doing something useful.

Author Bio: Lutgarda Mariano has professional experience of twenty years in sales and management in a variety of diverse functions and has also grown various businesses like administration and financial services. However, at the core of every role, she has found herself wanting to help people find betterment in their lives with a wide range of choices. Over time, she has built good relationships with healthcare community in Victoria and made a commitment to provide unique, comprehensive care with Best Health Guidelines. She writes about whatever helps other, especially seniors to make aging a better experience.

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