How to Grow and Maintain a Long Beard

While it is easy to grow a beard but to maintain it, that’s the next level fun. While this article meant for those people who want to grow a long beard and mustache, many of these tips are great to apply for anyone growing beard.

Give direction to your mustache.

Trimming the mustache is a mistake a lot of guys make. It’s easy to assume that maybe it’s okay to trim up the center and then leave the ends of the mustache long to style, and if that works for you, great. But if you want to grow a long beard, get some bead wax and start training it early to keep it out of your mouth.

Give direction to your mustache.

Use beard oil early

Use beard oil earlyBeard product usage isn’t dictated by length; it’s dictated by the presence of facial hair. Start taking care of your beard early, and you’ll thank yourself later on. An adequately conditioned beard is the only way to reach your fullest growth potential. If you haven’t use beard oil yet, so it is a time to buy Beard Growing Oil to make your beard long and thick. There is so much range of Beard oil, Pakistan has various store who sells beard oil at a reasonable price.

Develop a proper routine

Make a routine that works for you and stick to it daily. Everything you do takes time, but when you get the result from that routine so it will be your victory. Take a daily shower and use a beard shampoo soap bar. Proper care routine makes a thicken and steady growth of your beard, which gives an exceptional appearance to your personality.

Comb your beard every day

Comb your beard every day

We notice many men in our life that they have their beards grow out but give weird bends or curves in the hair pattern; this is because they don’t comb their hair daily. A daily combing will help train the hair to lie the way they want.

Be patient

Every man beard grows at its own pace depends on their health and diets. Beard hair grows at an average rate of only one inch within two months, well everyone experiences a time where it seems like their beard and mustache aren’t growing. It happens, be prepare yourself for it once the beard oil starts working on your beard so than there will be times where it seems to grow two inches in a month.

Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

Match Your Beard to Your Face Shape

The beard doesn’t need to suit you the same as your friend because every face has unique cuts, and it’s not okay to intimate someone without seeing yourself in the mirror. Beard game makes a personality, and as we all know, personality matters a lot. Choose a style that compliments your feature.

Fuel Up with right eat

You can’t build a house without concrete, and the same applies to facial hair. Your beard thickness and smoothly define by your diet as the beard is made from protein and fat, but it’s also heavily reliant on different Vitamins, i.e., B5, B3, and B9. That means meats, nuts, dairy products, and plenty of greens vegetable.


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