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How to combine colors in women fashion clothing

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How to combine colors in women fashion clothing

It is common that, in fashion, we find it easier to use neutral tones such as black, gray, white and even jeans. Combining colors is not so simple, which is why we tend not to take any chances.

But the colors are powerful, take our everyday looks from the obvious and, especially if well combined, bring a lot of fashion information.

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If you want to start taking a chance on colors, but don’t even know where to start, this post is for you.

Monochrome combination

This type of combination occurs between colors resulting from small variations in depth and / or intensity .

What brings depth to the colors is the addition of black, which makes it deeper and darker, while the addition of white makes it lighter. Intense colors are more vivid colors.

Complementary combination

This is a combination of high impact and – for the most part – contrast, which conveys a lot of originality, creativity and a hint of informality.


Asymmetrical blouses give a modern and bold touch to your production and work very well combined with stripped and more classic pieces as well. They are pieces that provide style, elegance and sensuality.

This type of garment is ideal for women with the hourglass biotype (shoulders and hips with the same medium and thin waist), inverted triangle (broad shoulders) or triangle (hips wider than the shoulders).

An asymmetric piece in itself draws a lot of attention, since our eyes adapt very easily to symmetry and when we encounter asymmetry it is natural that it holds our attention more. Using asymmetry in blouses is the best way to compose elegant and stylish looks, good options to combine the looks are jeans and tailoring.

Shorts and skirts can also form interesting looks, but never forget that the length of these pieces must always be greater than the back of the blouse.

Handbags, pumps, and more feminine accessories are the perfect complement to an asymmetrical look.


White shirt is a piece that everyone should have in their wardrobe, it is super versatile, looks good in a stripped and classic look too, it is a perfect wild card for all styles.

White shirt looks are the easiest to compose, the difference she will spend in your style will usually depend on the material in which she was made for example:

Silk or satin shirts are great for composing more sober and classic looks. Cotton is perfect for the most casual looks.

White shirt and jeans is a classic combination, synonymous with success, comfort, elegance and, by the way, it’s my favorite. You can complement with even colorful accessories, giving personality to your look.

Shirt with tailored pants are ideas for women who need more formal clothes to work. It conveys elegance and refinement and whoever wants to dare and relax can opt for pants with prints or strong colors.

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Moments of relaxation, ask for a white shirt with shorts, this look, in addition to being super chic, is comfortable, perfect for a relaxed appointment at the weekend. It can be used with flat shoes, sneakers, wedge sandals and cork heels and even a hat.

Skirt and shirt form a combination that can yield both a more formal look and a more stripped one. It just depends on the skirt you choose.

White shirt with leggings is super different and completely changes the air of the fitness look. But he needs a little attention, the ideal are wider shirts and, preferably, that cover the butt.

White shirt and overalls provide a cool and daring look, depending on the accessories and shoes you can have a stripped or classic composition.

White shirt and blazer, like rice and beans, form a classic, stylish look and define the silhouette very well. To make your look more prominent, choose colorful, patterned and textured blazers, or if you want a more sober look, black or white are always good options.

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