How Does Retinol Help?

You might have heard of all the hype surrounding retinol. It tends to show up everywhere around skincare – from acne creams to over-the-counter wrinkle reducers. While it’s considered a highly commendable ingredient, most people don’t actually know what it can do for your skin.

What Is Retinol?

Retinol is just another name for Vitamin A. It falls in the family of retinoid molecules, which include retinoic acid, retinyl palmitate, and retinaldehyde – all of which are compounds related to Vitamin A and are usually found in skincare products. Retinol is commonly found in anti-aging products and stronger formulations that can even treat fine lines and acne.

How Does Retinol Help?

Retinol does a lot more to help your skin than just work on the surface. Retinol products start by causing the skin cell turnover to increase, making them die faster. This way, your pores stay clear and help you avoid acne, and to some extent, even acne scarring.

Skin cell turnover also makes your skin look better in terms of its tone and texture, which are a few of the most basic physical markers associated with aging. Retinol also helps with increasing the amount of collagen and elastin your skin produces, which makes it look young and plump. By increasing both of these, your skin also thickens from the inside out, and this reduces the number of wrinkles you can get.

Because of the turnover, retinol can treat almost any skin-related issue. These issues include cystic acne, eczema, and simpler conditions like wrinkles from sun damage and spots. They also keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Using Retinol for Double Duty

Retinol can help against acne and wrinkles. Whatever your reasons are for using a retinol product, you will see the benefits on all counts. Since different conditions are treated with different amounts of retinol, you may want to get products that have the right composition. Still, it’s nice to have your anti-aging products get rid of your acne too.

Things to Consider

Retinol Elixir

Despite being the miracle product that it is, there are a few precautions to take when it comes to using retinol. Some products are harsher than others, which makes them less suitable for sensitive skin. Sometimes, retinol may cause irritation and redness, so before you use a product with it, you have to see whether it is suitable for your skin type or not.

It is best to use retinol products from trusted brands, such as Category Men’s Repairing Retinol Elixir, which can provide your skin with the anti-aging benefits of retinol without the side-effects. It contains coconut oil, and vitamins E and B3, and is made entirely of natural ingredients to work at your skin and make it smoother, softer, and brighter.


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