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How do you get more likes on Facebook?

The number of likes you have on your page, photos, status updates, etc.

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Post content regularly, but not too often!

When you regularly post content, the people who follow you can no longer escape you (duh ..). Your content must be interesting or funny. People will remember this at some point and will always check your posts and not just fly over them. This of course greatly increases the chance of receiving alike.

It should be said that you should not post content too often. It goes without saying why you shouldn’t be doing this.

Research done by Kiss Metrics has shown that it is best to post content 1 to 2 times a day, every day. Interaction with your content can increase by as much as 40%.

More photos and videos

People are very visual. Photos and videos are therefore much more likely to grab someone’s attention than status updates with text.

It only takes someone half a second to record a photo, so very little effort, with a status update with text this is a different story. Interesting or funny videos are also a good way to get likes. Sometimes, however, this is not enough, so we recommend that you include a description of what entices people to watch the video.

Writing such a description can be quite an art. To learn more about this, we recommend Googling “linkbait” or “clickbait”. Think of descriptions such as: “I can’t believe this video is real … you have to see it to believe!”.

Tagging people in these posts can also work very effectively. People always enjoy being personally involved in these posts, as long as it is positive of course!

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Keep it short and sweet

People are lazy. And impatient. They want to be entertaining and immediate. Therefore, it is very unwise to give long status updates, they just scroll along here.

Remember that Facebook is not a blog, they don’t need to know what your day was like or what your comprehensive opinion is on the last episode of Game of Thrones. They want short, amusing anecdotes or updates to cool, interesting things you’ve seen or done. Give the people what they want.

With Facebook, you are technically not limited to 160 characters like on Twitter. But it wouldn’t be wrong to also include this rule on Facebook.

Of course, some people are interested in what I described above. If this is the case with you, it is recommended to start a blog and link them there.

Ask interactive questions

Another great way to get likes is to post interactive content. Do this by asking questions or asking for people’s opinions. People want to be the ones with the best advice or the best answer. Examples of this are:

What is the best pizza place in the city center? I need a pizza, fast !!”. With messages like this, you should always respond quickly to the people who answer.

However, don’t ask “too” personal questions or questions that take way too long to respond to. So do not ask, for example, how to make a PowerPoint presentation.

Like others’ messages

If you like other people’s posts often, chances are they will like your content too. There is not much ‘science’ behind this 🙂


This can be quite tricky if you’re not naturally humorous. but as I mentioned before, people come to Facebook for entertainment. Take advantage of this. When you post content that can make people smile, you will most likely be rewarded with lots of likes.

If you can’t come up with something funny, you can use someone else’s humorous content. Find something funny on the internet and put it on your wall. Think for example of a funny meme that not everyone knows yet, you will then receive the credit of your Facebook friends.

Avoid content that screams for attention

In general, people find Facebook messages that are only meant to get attention very annoying. When you post this you are only calling a bad reputation. Messages that fall into this category are: “Woohoo highest grade in the class!”, “Am I ugly in this picture?”, Etc. you get the picture.

Also never post messages like: “What a @ # $ @ day”, “Some people really have no shame” and then do not explain this.

If you would like to post messages like this, use a sarcastic edge. You can do this, for example, by using a hashtag (#). This way you can show that you don’t mean it all that seriously.

Post content at strategic times

Be aware when you use Facebook and keep an eye on Facebook Chat to see how many people are online. Then use this information to find out when it is best to post your messages. In general, people often check Facebook early in the morning and later in the day, after school and work. At first, you may not take this into account, but this can make a big difference.

Also, consider other external factors that may affect your friends’ Facebook usage. For example, when it is a sunny day and everyone is enjoying the good weather. Or when there is a big sports event or festival in your area, some people don’t check their Facebook until Monday and their standard week starts again. So try to keep your best content until the moments when you are sure people will see it.

As you can see, Buy Facebook Likes is mainly intended for getting likes on your personal Facebook page. If there is much enthusiasm for a guide for more likes on a Facebook PAGE I will write it shortly, let me know below!


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