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Food That Can Help To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Food That Can Help To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common sexual problems faced by millions of men worldwide. Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the inability to hold or keep an erection for min for sexual intercourse. The risk of erectile dysfunction increases with age which makes older men more vulnerable to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in men at any age but it but the likelihood of getting erectile dysfunction increases as men cross 50. The inability to maintain erection erectile dysfunction can be due to many factors, out of which, an unbalanced diet is a major factor. Unhealthy diets and unhealthy habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, use of tobacco can also be one of the leading causes of ED. 


If you face trouble in getting an erection on an occasional basis then it may not be a big issue, but if the problem in getting an erection is consistent, then you may have erectile dysfunction. Both psychological and physiological factors are responsible for causing erectile dysfunction. The impact of erectile dysfunction is also huge, on a person’s lifestyle as it causes stress, affects their self-confidence, and sometimes also contributes to relationship conflicts. Not just this ED can also be a sign of some underlying health issue that may require treatment and is also a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.


Male sexual stimulation is a complicated procedure that mainly e includes the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves muscles, and blood vessels. That means if there is an issue with the above mentioned involved factors, then it can cause erectile dysfunction. For example, if you are facing some psychological issues like stress or anxiety the nerves and signals that are being sent from the brain are hindered in their path thus the blood flow in the region of the penis is reduced resulting in erectile dysfunction.

This is how psychological factors also play a major role in causing erectile dysfunction. In some cases, both physical and psychological Fact and can together contribute to causing erectile dysfunction which slows the sexual response. The most common physical causes of ED include cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome, multiple sclerosis, tobacco use, alcoholism, treatment for prostate cancer or enlarged prostate, low testosterone, and certain prescribed medications. The psychological factors that can cause erectile dysfunction are mainly: depression, relationship conflicts, anxiety, stress, and any other sort of mental illness.


How certain foods can help in avoiding Erectile Dysfunction?

 ‘Prevention is better than cure’, and it has never been truer than in the case of erectile dysfunction. The best way to stay unaffected from ED is through prevention and by taking all the necessary precautionary measures to avoid it. The easiest way is by adopting a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet, physical exercises, and a stress-free mind. Also, to prevent ED it is very important to quit smoking if you are a smoker and reduce the use of alcohol. In case you are overweight,  then you must put on a diet plan and set of exercises through which you can reduce weight because obesity is a major factor that causes ED. But one need not worry e as all of these factors are under your control and you can easily follow the precautionary measures.


A healthy diet and certain foods will certainly not cure your erectile dysfunction completely but it can help to reduce the symptoms and effect of erectile dysfunction. 

Food That Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction


  • Watermelon

According to some studies, watermelon has similar effects on ED just like the pill Viagra which is the most used drug for the treatment of ED. The difference is that viagra still has some side effects but eating watermelon does not have any.

Watermelon may also increase sexual desire as it is rich in effective ingredients like phytonutrients. Although watermelon is mainly constituted of water because it is 92%water, it also encompasses lycopene which is a carotenoid and is known for its antioxidant capacity and several health benefits that are good for your skin, prostate, and heart.  Some other health benefits of watermelon are that they relax the blood vessels which are responsible for the blood supply in the genital organs and are responsible for causing an erection.



  • Dark Chocolate 



Several Clinical Research that has been conducted on dark chocolate and its effect on erectile dysfunction have revealed that higher consumption of flavonoids which are the inactive ingredient in dark chocolate can be helpful in reducing erectile dysfunction. According to a recent study that has been published in the journal Circulation, flavonoids that are present in dark chocolate improves circulation of the blood in the genital regions of the body which could be good for erection problems. Erectile dysfunction is mainly caused due to poor blood supply. Flavonoids are naturally occurring antioxidants, they help in lowering the pressure of blood and increases the blood flow in the genital reasons of the body.


Most of the erectile dysfunction pills that are generally prescribed for erectile dysfunction also consist of flavonoids as consumption of flavonoids lets your body produce more nitric oxide, which consequently promotes erections.



  • Olive Oil 


According to a 2018 cohort study which was conducted by the University of Athens, men who adopted a Mediterranean diet and consumed at least 9 tablespoons of olive oil weekly, had 40% fewer chances to develop ED. A Mediterranean diet involves the proper amount of olive oil which has been seen to positively affect erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual function in men.

Mediterranean diet consists of foods having good fat and olive oil which are responsible for removing the bad cholesterol from the body. So, by adopting the Mediterranean diet you cannot just come over erectile dysfunction but can also reduce the chances of many other health implications.



  • Peppers


If you are fond of eating spicy food, then relax you are certainly at a lower risk to have erectile dysfunction because the pepper that the spicy food contains has been witnessed to lower the cholesterol levels of the body as well as the blood pressure. Pepper helps to cure erectile dysfunction by relaxing the arteries and in result increasing the flow of blood to the genital organs. Several studies have found that those mails who eat spicy foods have higher than average levels of testosterone.

The Chili Peppers which are found in hot sauce and other spicy food consist of capsaicin which triggers the release of endorphins which is also called the feel-good hormone enhances the sexual performance of a male.



  • Caffeine



Are you a coffee lover? If yes, then there is good news for you that coffee consists of caffeine that can reduce your risk to have erectile dysfunction. In case, you do not like coffee then you can also get your daily caffeine fix from macha instead. 

According to a study conducted by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), that has been conducted on Caffeine and its effect on erectile dysfunction have shown that consuming 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day may prevent ED. Because coffee consists of caffeine which improves the flow of blood by relaxing the penile arteries and muscles and resulting in stronger and form erections.  However,  caffeine did not seem to have the same effect on men who have diabetes.



  • Oysters


Oysters have been used as an aphrodisiac for the treatment of erectile dysfunction for a long time. It is used as an integral part of Asian herbal medicine. The reason can be that oysters primarily have high levels of the mineral zinc, which is an essential element in the production of the male hormone testosterone. By consuming oysters, one can manage to maintain the low levels of testosterone and thus prevent erectile dysfunction. Low testosterone levels are one of the major reasons that cause ED.  Oyster functions by boosting the reproductive health of men as they improve testosterone levels. Oysters are full of taurine which are very healthy for nerve transmission and Cardiac health.

According to research performed by the American chemical society, Raw shellfish consists of compounds that regulate the release of sexual hormones in both men and women.



  • Fish


Mackerel, tuna, sardines, and salmon are fishes that are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Many studies have shown that the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids in the body has a positive impact on erectile dysfunction.

Omega 3 fatty acids that fishes contain improves the endothelial nitrous oxide production in the body and on the other hand reduces the chances of cardiac death and inflammatory markers. 



  • Spinach


The role of folic acids in the male reproductive system is very crucial and important. Spinach is a super source of folate which is also known as a booster of the flow of blood. The deficiency of Folic acid can also result in erectile dysfunction but you do not need to worry because spinach is there to help you out with Folic acid. Well, cooked spinach consists of 66% of your regular Folic acid requirement and that is why it is known as one of the most folate-rich foods. Not just this is finance also consists of magnesium which enhances and regulates the flow of blood and also improves testosterone levels which are responsible for or better sexual performance. 



  • Garlic and Greens


You might like the essence of garlic in several food items but do you know that including garlic in your daily diet can also reduce the plaque buildup on the walls of your arteries which as a result, will make your arteries clear and healthy so that blood can flow without any kind of hindrance.

Green leafy vegetables have always been the best option for a healthy diet and must be included in a person’s daily diet because of their numerous health benefits.


Foods That You Must Avoid
  • Foods that consist of a higher amount of cholesterol must be avoided to prevent yourself from erectile dysfunction. Food items like eggs, liver processed meat, and red meat, fish and fish oil, fast food, baked goods, cheese can increase the level of cholesterol in your body which can also increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and ED.


  • Excessive sodium has a very negative and detrimental effect on the overall well being of a person including their sexual health as it increases the blood pressure. As adults are more likely to have erectile dysfunction they must limit the amount of sodium intake so that the issue of blood pressure and ED can be controlled.


  •  To avoid the problem of erectile dysfunction one must avoid food that consists of high amounts of sugar. Consuming excessive sugar causes the sugar levels in our body to rise and that as a result can decrease the level of testosterone in men’s bodies. Low level of testosterone can result in a lack of sexual Desire and reduce sexual function and that can often cause erectile dysfunction. The maximum amount of sugar that has been recommended by experts for men is 37 and a half grams which can be similar to 8 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis.
Final Words 

 Well, there is not an exact miracle food that can help you to cure ED but there are many foods as listed above which can reduce the level of ED to a great extent and can also be used to prevent erectile dysfunction as well as other health implications. It is as basic to understand because a healthy diet will anyways reduce the chances of most of the serious health diseases and these are the steps that you can easily take on your part. Other than that, if you face the problem of erectile dysfunction then there are many other medications and pills that are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Viagra, Cialis, Cenforce 200 , and tadalafil are some of the pills used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. If you take care of your vascular health and overall well being then you can avoid most of the common causes of ED to a great extent.

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