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Fertility Treatment – What to Expect and How to Support A Loved One

If you or a loved one has decided to pursue fertility treatment, there will be a lot of mixed feelings involved. These feelings could be overwhelming or terrifying. The process of fertility treatment can be time-consuming while it lasts. It is usually a difficult time for the couple, family, and even friends.

During your fertility treatment, it will help to have a clinic where the process would encourage flexibility for scans and appointment. At least this would help take away the stress involved in having to squeeze in your mandatory appointments into your busy schedule.

If you want to begin your fertility treatment, this write-up should be a guide to help you know what to expect, and if you have a friend or family member pursuing fertility treatment, this would also help you know how you can support the person.

Will fertility treatment be relevant to me?

A lot of people in the UK experience infertility and these persons have loved ones who are indirectly affected by their condition. About a quarter of the UK’s population are directly or indirectly affected by infertility, and if it is not dealt with, it could sever relationships between family members.

What a person going through fertility treatment may experience

Before you start fertility treatment, you should expect several tests to be carried out on you. For IVF, you may have to undergo treatment involving daily subcutaneous injections and sometimes intramuscular injections. There may also be a need to take tablet medications and a few supplements.

During your circle, you may require regular scanning to monitor the growth of your follicles to determine when your egg would be due for collection. Some clinics carry out the scan during fertility treatment every three or four days while others may perform the scan every day, especially in the second week of stimulation leading up to egg collection.

Tips for getting through fertility treatment

  • Understanding the information

There are several acronyms and terms that would be used throughout your treatment. It helps to know the meaning of these terms and acronyms to have a better understanding of your treatment procedure.

Ensure that you ask questions when you are not sure about anything because you need to know precisely what is going on. Most consultants are not good at providing detailed information, so it helps out to also read about fertility treatment.

  • Take notes

You should take a notebook and pen to each appointment to put down important things your consultant would say. You can even ask to record your conversations during your appointment because you may forget or miss something important.

  • Take some time off

You shouldconsider taking some time off work, especially for egg collection and transfer. It would help to take a few days off to rest.

  • Discuss flexible working

Try to talk to your employer about what you are going through and discuss flexible working hours that would be suitable to get your scans and appointments. With most situations, being open would help, and you may find out that people are more supportive.

  • Finances

If you can get this treatment through the NHS, this may not be a problem for you, but you do not have to avoid private treatment entirely. You may be lucky to get a round of treatment from the NHS; in this case, you would have to pay for subsequent rounds of treatment.

The cost of a round of treatment varies between £3,500 to £15,000, depending on the clinic. On average, 3 rounds of IVF is required for a successful outcome. However, the success of the treatment depends on several factors such as medical history, age, and so many others. Despite the influence of personal factors, the success rate of IVF is between 30 – 40 %.

  • Managing insensitive comments

Most times, you get to meet people who would say hurtful things; the best way to handle this is to call them out whenever they say something that shouldn’t be said. This would ensure that they do not repeat it, and when they find someone in a similar situation, they will desist from similar actions.

  • Be prepared to have changes in your plan

You should always be prepared for things that would not go as you planned them. The final path you envisioned may not be your actual final step, but that doesn’t mean you are not on the right path. Just be prepared for anything because getting fertility treatment is not always easy.

Ways to support a loved one going through fertility treatment

We all know that going through a fertility treatment comes with a lot of feelings and it is usually stressful so if you have a loved one going through this situation, try to

  • Put yourself in their shoes
  • Ask if they are alright
  • Support their choices
  • Send them nice things
  • Be there for them

Some things should not be said to someone trying to get pregnant because the last thing you want is the person to be on edge constantly.

If you need a gynaecologist in Harley Street for fertility treatment, you can contact Gynaecology Clinic on 020 7183 0435 to book an appointment.


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