Everything to know about Pune as an Intern

Internship in Pune

Pune is a warm city that houses people from all over the country. With a few hacks like addressing the locals as mama or mausi or including basic Marathi words in your conversations may help you in becoming more familiar with the city during your paid internship, job, or education in the city. 

An Intern’s Guide To Pune: What To Avoid And What Not To Miss

The city of Pune in Maharashtra is becoming a popular choice amongst job seekers, interns, and students. This is because Pune has a pleasant climate all over the year and it a relatively calm and peaceful city. 

Moreover, it has many prestigious educational institutions and a hub of IT companies. This is why you will find a mix of students and employees everywhere you go in the city. This also means you will easily be able to make friends here if you are going to Pune for a paid internship. 

Get a Vehicle 

Pune has public transport services everywhere in the city but dealing with bus conductors and auto-rickshaw drivers can be a hassle. If you know how to drive and find it convenient, getting a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler would make traveling in Pune a lot easier for you. You may even get a bicycle if you live near your office where you are going for your paid internship and do not mind traveling in public transport occasionally. 

Paradise for Foodies 

Pune is the melting pot for various cultures, as people from every corner of the country have settled here. You can thus find all types of food here from beef burgers to Misal Pav. Whether you are eating from a stall or in a fancy restaurant while your internship in Pune, your taste buds will definitely be pleased. You can fill your tummy and satiate your soul with the chaat, Vada Pav, biryani, Mastani, Punjabi food, Chinese food, North Indian food, and Kayani’s Shrewsbury, and the Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale’s Bakarwadi.


Pune has a pleasant climate in the evenings and has three seasons – winter, monsoon, and summer. The maximum temperature can go up to 40C. During the monsoon season, you must always carry an umbrella because the rain here pours consistently. The weather here will suit almost everyone. 

Places to Explore 

Apart from the pubs, cafes, restaurants and night clubs, Pune has several natural attractions as well. You can go trekking in the Sahyadri Hills or sit by Mulshi Dam in tranquility. If you are looking for some thrilling experiences, you can visit the haunted Shaniwar Wada Palace, that witnessed painful and unfortunate deaths of family members of Peshwa Bajirao and his wife. 

If you are looking for a soulful experience, you can visit the Osho Garden as well. While your internship in Pune, a tranquil place to meditate and go for a long walk would charge your batteries. You may even meet disciples of Osho in the garden and know more about Osho and his philosophies from them.  


Apart from the things mentioned above, you should know a few basic Marathi and be polite to the locals. If you address a shopkeeper, police, and anyone in the city as mama or mausi, you can benefit a lot from the local status as well as generosity.



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