Education System of Pakistan

Training is the primary requirement for the human growth. Education teaches us how to live better and guides us in every area of life, it is the most important tool you can use to change the world. Education spreads light in life, it sets a person free from misunderstandings and blind belief. This is the main factor in every nation’s progress.

The education system is a blend of both public, private, for-profit, non-profit entity offering education and policy making to provide their country with quality education. Pakistan’s education system is lagging behind relative to the world’s many other countries because of the government’s lake of concern in the last few decades. Even after 70 years of independence the system is in critics, the government has failed to implement a single education system in the country. The system of education is divided into six sections as follows:

Pre-Primary schools ( Begining Classes)

Primary schools (class I-V)

middle schools (class VI-VIII)

Secondary schools (class IX-X)

Higher secondary schools ( class XI-XII)

University level ( Graduation/ Masters)

Government schools are not able to offer quality education, only poor people send their children to public institutions because they are unable to afford high private school fees, which are doing business in the name of providing education. It looks like school classification should be based on stars, like hotels with five and four stars, the government will implement the same syllabus in both public and private schools to eradicate this class-based education system.

Another problem is the lack of funds, the government allocates a limited amount of funds that is not enough to build a program, according to a study 81 percent of the funds are allocated for teachers’ salaries and the remainder is for services and other expenses. The gender gap is another issue that is the limitation to the progressive levels of literacy, in many places parents do not encourage their daughters to go to schools and colleges. Women are the backbone of every nation and mothers need to be trained for the trained community.

The system does not provide the best education, Pakistan’s literacy rate is lower than countries such as Bangladesh and Srilanka, the government should take serious steps to improve education otherwise as a nation we cannot compete with the modern world because other countries are placing more emphasis on it and spending huge amounts of money to develop the system

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