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EASY PACK, EASY GO: 7 Reasons to Pack Light When You Travel

The day or the night before your trip abroad or to a local tourist destination is surely a hard-to-sleep time! You have to make sure that everything is prepared well before lying down on your bed. All your necessities should be packed well, so you will not panic and stress out on the day of your travel!

Mixed together with excitement for your trip is the uneasiness about your bags and luggage. Even if you deny it, there’s a pint of worry in you that you might be forgetting to bring something important. That is one of the reasons why you tend to pack heavy stuff or overpack for your travel.

Well, while it’s safer to be sure, heavy bags ruin many things about your trip. And that is why people who have experienced mishaps and stresses because of them learned to pack light. If you think of it as a person who brings extra of everything all the time, packing light would be a big bothersome thought, but you should realize that packing light is actually essential. 

Not many people believe in packing light as a good thing, but here are 6 reasons you must understand!

[1] Carry Conveniently


Obviously, if you pack light, you can carry your stuff more conveniently. You have enough hands to bring only the number of bags your own hands can accommodate. It’s annoying when you cannot open the door, and there’s no one to aid you. Well, if you have lesser bags on your hands and shoulders, you could do all the job by yourself. 

Packing light enables you to carry your stuff without difficulty caused by too much heaviness of things you just inserted recklessly in your mallette or backpack. You have a comfortable feeling while bearing your bags. You can smile genuinely when your friend suddenly takes a random groupie while you are standing on a line at the airport. After that, you will not have back pain and hand cramps just like when you force yourself to pull and pick up weighty knapsacks and luggage! Packing light is trouble-free in many ways! 

[2] Less Attention Needed

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If you pack light and bring only one or two bags, you don’t need to pay attention to so many things unlike if you bring around five to six bags of different sizes! Say you have a mallette, a backpack, a shoulder bag, a mini hand carry and a fanny pack! You might think that’s too exaggerated even for a 3-day trip, but some people actually bring such because of many reasons like bringing stuff they don’t really need! 

Packing light will keep your attention only on those bags you have with you which are not really too many in number. That means you will not be in distress from concerning where this bag is and that bag is! In that way, you can focus on other things plus enjoy your travel!

[3] Quicker Security Check

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It is vital to always go through security checks of bags and other items when you are inside the airport or in the hotel accommodation you booked. While you know how significant it is to be done, it’s undeniable that it can cause agitation when you have too many bags crossed all over your body! 

Just imagine if you have around 4 bags with you, and you still have to remove watches, caps and other clothing items! It’s totally inconvenient for you and for others next in line.

On the other hand, if you pack light and have a fair number of fairly sized baggage, then you can instantly have them scanned and checked. Although it could give some discomfort, you know it is a must to follow such regulations. So if you do understand that, on your next trip, work on packing light, so baggage scanning wouldn’t be your most hated process in traveling! 

[4] Manageable OOTDs


Among the most common things that ruin outfits are bags here and there! Pack light, and be camera-ready wherever whenever. Your beautiful clothes will not be ruined by too many unsuitably looking bags you carry! Just take the perfect bags that can suit any of the garments you lightly packed, and you’re good to smile and take those snapshots in every angle!

You will have more manageable OOTDs if you pack light and lead yourself to your own ease and opportunity. 

[5] Not Everything is Necessary


Pack light because for sure, when you don’t, you are bringing unnecessary extras of things, and you will just realize their redundancy and unimportance after your trip! “Oh, I packed 5 extra shirts when I needed only 1.“I shouldn’t have brought 2 extra pairs of shoes!” 

And you just regret after all the trouble those heavy bags brought you into. Pack light, but pack surely! Never forget to take every essential thing! Pack just light as needed because not everything needs to be brought, for real.

[6] Transport Well Here and There


With light bags, you can move from one place to another, transport here and there totally fine! Not to mention, in some transportation means, luggage is counted under the fair rates. Packing light saves you from too expensive financial costs too. What a boon!

[7] Bring Home New Stuff


Leave your house with only some light baggage, and come home with more new stuff! One of the most perceptive things to realize is this! If you have to carry homeless bags, clothes and the like of your own, then you are free to buy a lot of souvenir items and food from the places you are going to visit! That’s because you have enough spaces inside your bags and enough hands to carry them! 

You can go home with a smile and with new purchases from abroad and from famous tourist spots in your own country! Here, it seems like packing light is a path to spend more, but what’s a fun trip without bringing home some remembrances aside from memories, right? There’s no way you’re not taking even one home!



Heavy baggage does not mean that everything in it is needed; at the same time, it does not mean that you have brought everything you need! Actually, with a burdensome load, the comfort of your trip is adjusted decreasingly, which is, of course, a disadvantage for you. 

Meanwhile, packing light may seem risky, but it is actually very effective for travelers who want to really enjoy their trip without hassle. Packing light does not mean you only bring your phone, some cash, a set of clothes, a toothbrush, and a toothpaste! No, that’s not it! It means being able to put all your necessities in one or two bags without making them bulky, too heavy and disturbing for anyone especially yourself. It means carrying only what you need while being clever in planning how to use them and how to pack them carefully and space-savingly. 

The key is being responsible enough to make a complete list of the things you have to bring. In that way, you would not be bringing those which you “might only need”, those you are not sure if you will be needing but still you feel like they might be necessary along the way. 

Packing light is convenient in every way, so on your next trip, keep in mind to be sure, but be sure the right way!



Nicole Ann Pore finds glee in writing about travel — world destinations, accommodation, tourist sites, vacation spots and everything else related to it! For her, the beauty of this world is amazing and worth-sharing, and traveling is one of the purest ways to acknowledge it. She is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Hotel, a five-star hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales which provides a rewarding stay and a close reach of Australia’s noteworthy features. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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