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Sure Fire Secrets to Transform your DME Prior Authorization

DME Prior Authorization

At this pandemic times, with the increasing demand of CPAP items. As conditions of patients with respiratory difficulty diagnosed with milder or earlier symptoms of COVID 19 improves with the use or its early intubation, the supply chain and logistics service have to rise to cater to the demand.

Also, as healthcare workers and staff gets infected by numbers over the day with this deadly virus, as a DME (Durable medical equipment) provider, you need to approach the apprehensive market with a clear idea of how your revenue meets the right opportunity!

Newer challenges ahead of the DME (Durable medical equipment) industry

There has been a number of changes with the CMS and the federal government introducing waivers and regulations. One of the critical objectives that the CMS has in mind is to extend the necessary finances to healthcare providers already under a serious assault under the COVID 19.

There has been a pause in the National prior authorization program for certain items. However, there will be a number of checks and balances that need to be employed if you are looking to earn an edge as a DME (Durable medical equipment) provider.

The DME (Durable medical equipment) industry also has faced the brunt of this virus with lower inventory, issues with staff that can manage the heavy lifting work with eligibility checks, creation of the order, following up with the physician office for the relevant documents, and scheduling the delivery.

The entire process has been under a hard hit with providers finding it difficult to find qualified workers or a comprehensive team that can handle everyday activities with billing and front end activities like DME prior authorization.

Finding a quality practice management team

The biggest advantage with a reliable partner taking care of all your practice management efforts is an extensive understanding of the changing dynamics every day with COVID 19. A team that works for you provides dedicated support with a comprehensive understanding of the present-day adjudication priorities will be a key area of concern.

Finding someone who has the capability of offering you actionable support and doing all the work with checking eligibilities, working on the authorization will double your chances of getting reimbursements back quicker. A smooth running of your front end ultimately extends the right transparency to your billing efforts.

Reducing everyday costs in operations

A significant chunk of DME (Durable medical equipment) providers will be looking to embrace the possibility of working with external service providers that offer billing services. However, it is quite unusual to find someone that can actually take care of all your practice management worries by doing it all.

While some offer support in accounts receivable or with post billing, someone who handles both pre as well as back end activities, serving according to client needs and expectations can be rare.

To conclude, if you are looking ahead of this pandemic, finding ways to embrace changes and move one, a dedicated team that has the ability to handle your DME prior authorization process can be hugely beneficial. It can make or break your revenue cycle in the long run!


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