Crazy hands: how to twist a solid joint

Method One – Spliff for a Beginner

The first method is the twisting; we twist the usual direct point without any distortions.

Step One – Prepare the Product

Perhaps, this is the most important stage. It is necessary to remove all the sticks, stems and other husks from the mixture. Make sure the consistency is uniform (homogenous mixture). Also, double-check the paper – it should be completely dry.

Step two – determine the shape of the Spliff

The formation directly depends on how you distribute the mixture inside the joint. Classical jambs have a conical shape, they smolder more smoothly, but they roll harder. It is recommended to use long strips of paper.

Step Three – Filter

Besides, you should not confuse it with a cigarette – these are 2 different things! In our case, it will be more like a mouthpiece. To construct a proper roll, take a piece of paper 5.5 x 1.7 cm and fold it tightly. Put the structure in the base of the joint.

Step Four – Wrap Up

Fold the edge of the paper from the middle, covering the product and filter, and then gently curl it. The outer edge of the spliff should be in front of your face; only thumbs and index fingers work. Make sure that the cannabis is firmly inside; the paper should tighten it a little.

Step Five – Fasten the whole thing together

When you feel that you have achieved a uniform distribution inside, wrap the excess paper around the joint, lick the edge and fasten it.

Step six – use as intended

This is the best way to determine that everything is done correctly. A good joint is tight, but does not block the passage of air. A spliff in which marijuana is too loose has a quality of burn quickly everything around it, keep this point in mind. Besides, even if after the first attempt of tasting, half the stuff is in your mouth; that’s not good for your health. However, you should know the differences between marijuana and cannabis oil because a certain quantity in a specific form can improve your health.

Second method – conical classic

We complicate the task – instead of a direct rolling, we will twist the Spliff. The sequence is quite similar to the previous case, but this time we need two pieces of paper.

Step One – Prepare Paper

There is no rocket science in this sequence, just take 2 strips of cigarette paper and arrange them as shown. It is important to lick the edges so that they stick.

Step two – prepare the filter

The preparation is carried out in the same way as in the previous method.

Step Three – Distribute the Product

Remember that the mixture should be distributed evenly, no extra cavities since the joint will be conical. It is good to put a little more mixture in its front part.

Fourth step – turn off

You need to do everything exactly the same as in the previous case.

Step Five – Gently Knock

Now knock the tip of the joint on the table. This action provides a more dense shrinkage of the mixture inside.

Step Six – Turn Your Head

The third method, it’s bourgeois

To do this, we need a bill, and the more the better! In general, the denomination in this case does not play any role, but more money is always better than less money.

This method can significantly simplify the process of twisting, especially for beginners.

Step one – prepare the contents

Pour the product inside and gently twist it back and forth, as shown in the figure. This will allow stuff to acquire the necessary shape and density.

Step Two – Getting Ready to Twist

To do this, just take out a strip of tissue paper and put it between the “sausage” of cannabis and a banknote.

Step Three – Twist

Just fold it in half and do the same as described in the first step. Make sure that the tissue paper is wrapped around itself, and not torn.

Fourth step – we get an almost ready joint

Do this by gently pressing the paper so that the jamb does not creep out.

Step Five – Fasten

Everything is simple here – glue it together. It is recommended to twist both ends slightly so that the stuff does not spill out.

Finally, now you can easily pack up your stuff neatly. You will feel yourself delightful and it will look amazing. You can also fascinate your joint partners.

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