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Solar Power CCTV Camera

On multiple occasions, we have seen the need Solar Power CCTV Camera to install video surveillance equipment in difficult to access points, where electrical installations are an obstacle or are simply very expensive to perform. That is why solar power camera can provide a cost-efficient solution.

These cameras can be used in open field areas or remote sites were carrying out an adequate cable laying is a high cost or repetitive task; for example, in the development of a construction site either in the same city or on a highway or in open country developments.

We will present the most important recommendations on what to consider and what are the options when considering implementing Solar Power CCTV Camera.

How do they work?

Solar power CCTV camera use high-grade panels to capture sunlight rays and convert this light energy into direct current (DC) energy. Additionally, it incorporates a regulation system and in some models PoE (Power Over Ethernet) which in turn is used to power the IP camera and the batteries to guarantee its continuous use.

In the absence of sunlight, the camera continues to operate on the energy stored in the batteries connected to the solar panel. They are generally cameras for outdoor applications.

To take into account, in rainy conditions or cloudy days the cameras continue to work; However, the performance and efficiency of solar panels will not be equal to that of sunny and clear days, an important aspect to determine their use in certain places or geographies with constant rainy conditions.

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