Best Pakistani Bridal Dresses Collection 2020

Pakistani bridal fashion is quite popular throughout the world for its distinctive style and unique combination of colours. Every year Asian designers seek to put something ravishing that suits Pakistani brides’ traditional needs. Almost all the famous designers launch their newest bridal collections every year serving the bride with a nice and qualitative array. Year of 2020 is no exception as all of them have launched their own tremendous bridal dresses collection to serve you with the best.

The bridal dresses of each company designer are heavily decorated with embroidered handwork and premium materials. However, the collections that blew our mind away were these top picks. Scroll away to read about the best Pakistani bridal dresses collection 2020.

Asim Jofa:

Asim Jofa, carrying his father’s legacy, began with jewelry for which he earned several accolades. Later, he made his way towards designing Pakistani Bridal Dresses Collection. His Bridal dresses collection again turned out to be a massive hit. Now he has become the best Bridal dresses designer. Talking about his 2020 collection, as always his signature style of shiny and golden hues leads on with intricate embroidery and fun embellishment work.

Faraz Manan:

If you just want a taste of western dresses in this era and period, it is best to use Faraz Manan’s Bridal Collection. The range of Faraz Manan is exceptional, as he exhibits superb modernity in his work. This may also be the only explanation for its spot in the top Pakistani bridal designers.  The brand specializes in light colors and gives the bridal clothes an absolute touch of shine. Want a hint of western look in your bridal dresses? Then, checkout Faraz Manan’s bridal Women Clothes Online.


HSY is called the fashion king in the sector and is mostly engaged exclusively by customers. The brand has worked for more than 10 years and has stood up to rivals for the best design. Recently, he has launched his HSY Bridal Dresses Collection 2020 in a fashion show. The dresses contain dark and funky colors with other traditional wedding dress designs and not just Lehenga Choli. If you want something out of the norm and thrilling then choose HSY’s Bridal Dress Collection 2020.


Having been recently launched, this brand lives up to the expectations of common people. As it deals in trendy bridal dress wear designs at the most economical prices. The signature theme of the brand is embroidered bridal suits with a touch of embellished work. So if you want to shop trendy Online Ladies Suit Collection in Pakistan under your budget then go for Eves couture.


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