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Best Medical Translation Services in 2020

Language is a barrier that we all have faced at least once in our lives. This barrier is much more common and serious in the field of health care. When it comes to health, a language barrier can be lethal. Therefore, it must be removed from there so health care providers and patients can communicate properly to get good health outcomes.

Like all services, language translation services have varying qualities. The best language translation services are obviously more sophisticated and accurate. For this reason, they are expensive. In contrast, services that aren’t as good as the best language translation services tend to be cheaper but also give results of lower quality.

The Need for the Best Language Translation Services for Health Care

When it comes to health care, you must use only the best language translation services. The world really has become a global village, and health care providers have to interact with foreign-language speakers more frequently now than ever. As a result, the usage of medical translation services has recently increased exponentially in hospitals, public health organizations, emergency departments, nurses’ stations and private doctor clinics.

Basically, medical translation services help in obtaining patient information accurately and making the check-in process simpler. In addition to that, the best language translation services in healthcare help translate a number of documents, such as consent forms, medical histories, medical records and insurance claims.

Other than hospitals and clinics, the best language translation services are needed in research laboratories. There, they help to translate patents and licensing documents along with clinical research and trials.

Additionally, medical translation services are required by medical equipment manufacturers as well. They are mainly hired there to prepare instructions and manuals in the desired language(s). Descriptions of the equipment must be written accurately in any language so that customers can easily read, understand and, thus, use the equipment correctly.

Quality can never be compromised when it comes to language translation services in the field of life sciences. This is because, when you are the one providing the service, a large number of people are depending on you. These people include doctors, nurses, researchers and patients. To sum it up, the accuracy of your translation may decide who gets to live and who does not.

The Best Medical Translation Services You Can Get in 2020

Now that you know there shouldn’t be the slightest chance of error in medical translations, you would better understand how important it is to hire only the best language translation services in the business. Due to the arrival of COVID-19, we all know how disastrous this year, 2020, has been. Hospitals have become the busiest buildings these days. Doctors, nurses and every individual in the healthcare sector are risking their lives by working day and night in order to fight with this deadly disease.

It is well known how the infamous Coronavirus has spread all over the world, turning millions of healthy individuals into COVID-19 patients. Due to this, tons of new patients are getting admitted to hospitals day by day. In such a situation, the need for medical translation services these days is more than ever.

Fortunately, we were able to find the best language translation services out there. For you, we have compiled all of them into a list in this article. The reviews we have provided for each medical translation service would surely be helpful for you in order to choose the service that fulfills your requirements.

Without further ado, here are the best medical translation service providers you can get in 2020.

  1. The Word Point

When you witness the amazing results provided by The Word Point, you will be just as impressed as we are. The Word Point has continued to deliver a high-quality translation service for a number of years. This has been possible only because of their uncompromising employment process, where certificates and academic backgrounds are thoroughly checked.

The Word Point does not rely on digital help, so all projects are handled manually. Its past clients speak highly of it, which proves that The Word Point is among the leading agencies at the moment.

  1. JR Language

The reason why JR Language keeps providing great work is that it assigns native speakers to handle targeted languages. Also, it only hires linguists with a good medical experience. However, people often find its range of available services to be small. One might also find JR Language a bit unaffordable. Other than that, when it comes to technology, JR Language seems to be far behind its competitors.

  1. GTS Translations

Whether or not you consider it the best, but—with over 15 years of experience—GTS Translations is certainly among the most experienced agencies out there. It has translated medical journals, healthcare protocols and so much more, all while keeping its customer satisfaction level high. In some cases, such as those involving rush orders, its pricing tends to be a bit high.

  1. Morningside Translations

There is no doubt that Morningside Translations mostly meets a high standard of quality while translating medical documents. This is all due to the highly qualified and skilled staff of the agency. That being said, there are some drawbacks to hiring it as well. These include minor errors in translations and lack of cultural understanding in the linguists.

  1. Rev

Rev has swiftly moved to the top to cement its name among the best language translation services. In only nine years, Rev has built an impressive portfolio, consisting of 32 languages and a large number of clients. The reason why it completes a project in such a short time is that it has freelance linguists all over the world. Also, these linguists are only allowed to work in their native languages.

Rev handles a wide range of types of medical texts. This includes research articles, medical records, technical protocols and so much more. In addition to that, Rev minimizes error and improves its performance and efficiency with the help of AI technology. However, Rev knows you can’t completely trust a machine. Therefore, there is always a human linguist working with the machine to raise accuracy.


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