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Property or money received on marriage is sometimes controlled by the husband or transferred into his name. A famous Lawyer for civil cases in Pakistan Advocate Nazia says that there is no recognition of women’s share in marital property, since her unpaid and domestic labour is not recognized in economic terms. Marital property (or property acquired after marriage and excluding inherited property) is often in the name of the husband and where it is put into her name, it is considered ‘Benami’ since she did not ‘earn the money to buy that property. As a widow, she is entitled to only one-eighth of her husband’s property even though she is often, in reality, his partner in work, particularly in lower-income rural households concerning both agricultural and non-agricultural activities. If her husband who is or has been in service dies, she becomes entitled to only half his pension while being in a position of needing even greater financial support, and the process of obtaining this is both tedious and humiliating. And when pensions are increased, cut-off dates are given in terms of their applicability, leaving widows of longer duration even more disadvantaged.

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Another major issue faced by women is in terms of getting their inheritance upon the death of their husbands. Lawyer for civil cases in Pakistan take innumerable years, during which period they face severe financial pressure in meeting daily living costs as well as expenses incurred on behalf of the children. This existing economic inequality is further compounded by the state by allocating state lands tor homes or lease sites, as well as loans for family enterprises, etc, in the name of male members of the family. Some significant efforts have been made in the last decade or so to increase women’s access to credit through formal institutions. The Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan has initiate special projects to extend loans to rural women. And the First Women’s Bank, set up in 1989, has made some efforts to extend credit to low-income women. However, these programs need to be improved upon and extended for greater impact and effectiveness. The Zakat fund system has met with wide criticism in terms of its very limited coverage, insignificant funds, and irregular payments. Other grounds cited are the fact that it fosters financial dependency rather than enhancing earning capacity and its vulnerability to political interference.

Recommendations of Lawyers for Civil Cases in Pakistan:

Recommendations of Lawyer for civil cases in Pakistan: Pension rules he changed to ensure that widows get the full pensions of men’s husbands. About children’s rights in pension or any other financial scheme entered into by their parents, the shares of sons and daughters should be equal in all respects. There should also be no cut-off dales in terms of widows enhanced pension rules and inheritance cases of widows and orphans should be taken up on a priority basis. 3. Property in the name of women is recognized as their property and the law relating Benami transactions, which generally affects women adversely, be done away with through statute. In the case of transfer of property by whichever means or issuing of a general power of attorney by Women, their presence before any registration office or revenue authority, or any other office or authority, as well as locally well-known Witnesses be made mandatory through Lawyer for civil cases in Pakistan. Intimation of all such transactions is sent to some central district location, so that information in this regard can be collated.

Women’s Share in All Property and Assets Acquired After Marriage:

Women’s Share in all property and assets acquired after marriage (but excluding Inherited property, marital gifts and other financial contributions due to her husband) in the name of either spouse, based on her paid and unpaid contributions, be legally recognized and secured for her in case of divorce or her husband’s death. Rules for calculating her share be carefully and sensitively developed6. A special committee/commission is set up by the government to explore ways of earlier improving women’s economic reports recommendations and studying what other countries have done in this regard. The issue of unequal inheritance must particularly be kept in mind while suggesting financial mechanisms to empower women. Recognizing the current realities has recently declared the wife a partner (40%) in rural households concerning property and enterprises, to ensure her due share. The terms of reference should include raining needs, enhancement of employment opportunities and special financial and credit schemes for women, with a particular focus on the lower-income groups, widows and the disabled the status basis of, for example, Morocco Women ‘s access to ownership and control of assets, particularly government distributed land and properly, be released through the registration of title-deeds of all state lands allotted for lease or home files, jointly in the name of the husband and wife, and in the case, of female-headed households, to the primary earner Campaigns should be run lo motivate people to make Just economic provision for wives, sisters, and daughters.


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