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Average Age of Carpet

Carpet is one of the best options to create a soft and comfort layer on your floor. It prevents the hot floor to burn sole of your feet and become shield during winter against the cold floor. They are also helpful to create heat in winters and make temperature moderate in summers. Carpet is a costly commodity. Before purchasing it we have to make certain estimates such as what is our budget, where we have to place it in home, in case of office what business we have and what area we have to cover, last but not least when will we refurnish the home or office and when will we change carpets gain.

There arises the question of the age of carpet. The age of the carpet makes you decide what type of carpet you have to buy. Carpet age is till its color rests bright and fibers remain sturdy. Hallway, entrance, and corridors need hard and sturdy carpets while bedroom and study carpets may be of delicate nature.  Office room carpet shall carry amazing patterns and positive colors while administrative units and waiting halls need decent and moderate colors.

Machine woven carpets and hand-woven carpet’s age are different. Handwoven ancient carpets live through 60 to 70 years if maintained with care and love. Orient Carpets have average age of 40 years. Persian and Turkish carpets have good repute regarding their age. The martial also matters in age. Silk carpets period goes through 5 to 7 years. Layers of carpet and padding also contribute to age.  Medium level carpet expires in 5 to 15 years.  Presently the best quality carpet in the market age reaches from 15 to 25 years. The average age of Berber carpet is 10 and nylon carpet is up to 10 years. Wool carpets yield average age of 8 years. Polyester strings carpets have an average age of 5 to 15 years.  Text carpet succeeds to touch the age of 10 years.

There are certain factors that affect the age of carpet as well, foot traffic, humidity in the air, the number of family members and its usage ascertains its age. Climate and temperature play important role in degeneration of carpet. Cleaning is a vital part of the durability of the carpet. The dirt and debris and insect factor matter correspondingly. Furthermore, you shall follow the precautions which your certain carpet needs. Cleaning shall be done in time with maximum organic products. Regular vacuuming and deep cleaning enhance the life of the carpet.

For good impact you shall check carpet on and off whether they need some repair work or not. Peripheries are intact or not, is there any split in it, fix the problem immediately. Rug Restoration is the other element that maintains its life and enhances its durability.   Colour dye and threads renewal makes it new from time to time. Protection sprays. Powders and sheets also support the instability of carpet. The care of your carpet shows the love for your carpet and effects the average age of your carpet.


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