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Automatic food cat feeders

An automatic cat feeder is used for serving cats a specified amount of food or medicine at a predefined period when the owner is away and otherwise occupied. The food dispenser for cats consists of a foundation, a feeding bowl with pie-shaped divisions, a timer assembly, a bowl cover, a bowl cover handle, and a lock mechanism to keep the entire unit in place. A timer shall be supplied with a voice recording facility and shall also trigger scheduled feeding schedules. The timer programming shall decide when the feeder cover is indexed so that the pet can have access to the food given therein. This programming can be done via an RF or IR remote timer interface or a USB port interface to a computer.

Benefits of a food dispenser for cats-

  •         This invention is intended for use in the pet industry and laboratories. This invention can be used to feed dry food, frozen food, and pet medicine.
  •         It can also be used by cat owners to promote good behavior and be linked to training and exercise equipment.
  •         The system may be controlled at particular times and by remote means by the pet owner. The livestock industry and the care providers have increasingly started to understand the advantages of an automatic feeder.
  •         Cats usually have similar issues that humans face, such as obesity, diabetes, stomach problems, etc. Automated feeding machines may provide for the care of such pets.
  •         There are several automatic cat feeders in the market that feed kibbles and several that are capable of feeding canned food. Feeding kibbles does not have problems with food spoilage, though feeding canned food does.
  •         Though dried food cannot be kept throughout the facility for longer periods, as it will decay, but it can surely be kept for a specific period and can be preserved. Cats, too, appear to be nervous whenever the caregivers are not at home. When the owners return, they become hyperactive, which requires a system to feed the cat to improve playing whenever the owner is not at home. The computer in this published application will meet the needs of this cat trainer unit. It is often essential for the cat owner or the cat behavior researcher to improve the cat’s behavior by supplying food for certain activities that the cat may want to do.
  •         This device is created to deal with far more than one animal in a family with various diets for different pets. This system helps to feed two cats or pets at a predetermined time in the owner’s absence. This system consists of a dish with four compartments that open to feed the cat at a given time, and this is done by a control unit that identifies the pet that needs to be fed. This is achieved using a sensor mounted on the cat collar.
  •         The feeder is built to work in fixed cycles and does not allow the owner flexibility to provide food or medicine at particular times of the day or several days. The system does not allow for the ease of battery replacement, nor does it prohibit pets from accessing other feeder compartments while they are locked.
  •         It’s been well established that pets can sense the presence of food and try, in every way possible, to gain access to food, even to the point that the devices that feed them are broken. This is a big downside in a real-time setting where pets are imaginative and clever enough to find out how to open the cover and eat whatever they want. This would not serve the unit’s intent: to feed the pets in a regulated manner.
  •         In today’s obese climate and diabetic issues in cats, such as their human counterparts, this machine will enable the cat industry to preserve its health.

Parts of an automatic cat feeder

  •         A multifunction, flexible timer device consisting of a microprocessor to control the function of the timer module and a rotatable component;
  •         a foundation with a central portion adapted to the timer module seat;
  •         A bowl on the base with a middle region created as part of a housing for both the timer module and a plurality of similar-shaped food obtaining containers;
  •         A cover adapted to cover a bowl with a central opening to provide access to the time module and a further opening corresponding in size and shape to one of the foods receiving compartments;
  •         The handle for securing the covering to the adjustable portion of the time module and also for aligning the additional opening in the covering with regard to the food-receiving chambers and the bowl;
  •         Locking device to attach the handle and cover to the timer module so that the cover rotates in response to rotation of the rotary device; Where the timer module consists of an infrared sensor and a radio frequency receiver to allow remote control to be used to control and program the microprocessor.

How to use-

  •         The first move is to teach the cat to eat regularly from the cat feeder. The cat may take a few days to get used to feeding on such a feeding system. To teach the cat to feed on the machine, the cat should not be handled or fed by hand for a few days. This will cause the cat to eat from the feeder when it gets hungry. It will also train your cat to get used to the new feeding machine.
  • Another way to prepare the cat is to put their favorite treat in the machine and configure the machine to deliver it 4 to 5 times a day for a couple of days. Also, put the cat’s daily meals near to the computer in its usual bowl. This will make the cat acclimatized to the machine, and when the food is sent to the machine, it will be fed from the machine.

In today’s times, where technology is ruling human beings, an automatic cat feeder comes with great results and saves time. You can buy a food dispenser for cats from They have a wide variety of feeders and come at a very nominal price.


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