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Everything you need to know about Australian migration level 2020-2021

Guide on Migration level 2020-2021

Migration Agents in Brisbane, As per the 2020-2021 Federal Budget, the Australian government is going to give priority to programs such as Global Talent, Employer-Sponsored, Business Innovation, and Investment. So if you are planning to move to an Australian country under any of the above-mentioned programs then hire the best migration agent in Brisbane. He will help you with the approval of your visa and update you with the latest information.

Prior Outcomes

Migration  For the permanent migration program, 140,366 places were granted in 2019-2020. 70% visas were granted through a skilled stream in which 4,109 places were under global talent independent programs.


2019-2020 outcomes  
Skilled 95843
Child 2481
Special Eligibility 81
Family 41961

 New Levels 2020-2021


Skilled 2020-2021 2019-2020
Regional 11200 25000
Distinguished Talent 200 200
State Nominated 11200 24968
Skilled Independent 6500 18652
Employer Sponsored 22000 30000
Business Innovation and Investment program 13500 6862
Global talent 15000 5000

This table is made to show the comparison between years and programs. Earlier, two-thirds of the quota was given to skilled streams but in the year 2020-2021, only 50% is granted. After new guidelines, a skilled independent program is decreased by two-thirds whereas regional programs and state/territory nominated is decreased by half. Global talent independent programs and investment programs are escalated.

This year another program got hype i.e family stream. The Australian government also paid attention to the partner’s visa and it rose by 80%.


Family 2020-2021 2019-2020
Other family 500 562
Partner 4500 7371
Parent 72300 39799


Other 2020-2021 2019-2020
Child 3000 3350
Special Eligibility 100 236

The humanitarian program ceiling was decreased by 5000 in 13750 between onshore and offshore places.

Changes in Partner Visas

There is a change in partner visa that are mentioned below:

  • From the visa application program, sponsorship assessment is separated.
  • Approval of family sponsors is important before applying for a visa.
  • For people who were approved for a family sponsor visa, statutory obligations will be imposed and give enforceable sanctions.
  • If anything offensive will be detected then applicants for family sponsor visas will be sent behind the bars.
  • It will help you in sharing the personal details between sponsors and applicants.

Above – mentioned changes are for some time and it will not surprise the people out there. But the requirement of the English language comes as a big surprise for the people as they have never thought of this. Language is compulsory for the applicants as sponsors of permanent residents. The visa holders have to complete 500 hours of an English language program. More details will come soon. The people living in regional areas will be given priority in the 2020-2021 migration year.

 Bottom Line

Hiring a registered migration agent will be beneficial for you. So if you are looking for a migration agent then contact us for further details.

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