5 Major Reasons For Tree Removal In Your Landscape

Major Reasons For Tree Removal

Trees are not just beautiful but they are an essential part of our ecosystem. Most homeowners prefer to have beautiful trees in their landscape. But, planting trees in your yard is not enough. You have to take care of young trees so that they grow well.

Sometimes, trees get affected by the disease, or pest infestation or adverse weather conditions. Thus, in some situations, it is important to remove the affected tree from your yard.

Here, in this post, we are going to describe some situation when tree removal is unavoidable: 

1. Completely Dead Trees

We do not want to have a dead tree in our landscape because it affects the curb appeal of the property. The dead trees do not just affect the aesthetics of our property, but they are dangerous for life and property in its surroundings. Once the tree has died, then it can not be recovered.

Therefore, we are left with only one option i.e. tree removal. It is necessary because the dead trees are not structurally strong and it can fall anytime. The dead trees can not withstand strong wind, storm, snowfall, or ice.

The dead and decayed tree can fall anytime and wreak havoc. The damaged or completely dead trees represent tremendous potential liability, therefore, it should be removed as soon as possible. 

2. Tree Affected With Diseases 

One of the main reasons for tree death is tree diseases. In various situations, it is difficult to find out that a tree has been infected until it gets irreversible. There are different kinds of tree diseases. Pest infestation and fungus are the biggest reason tree disease and damage.

According to the survey, many trees die due to pest infestation. If you observe any signs of tree diseases or pest infestation, then immediately call the tree service provider such as Sydney tree removals service providers. The arborist can detect tree damage and suggest the right measure to prevent it.

But, if the damage is high, then there is no other option rather than tree removal. When a tree is infected from a disease, then there is a high probability that other trees will infect with that disease. Thus, removing an infected tree is the right option. It will prevent spreading the disease to other trees.

3. Removal Of Damaged Trees

Sometimes, healthy trees are affected by unavoidable damage. Due to strong wind, snowfall and other adverse weather conditions trees experience unfortunate damage. Sky lightning can also lead to tree damage.

When the sky lighting falls over trees, then it gets damaged. Though signs may start appearing after three years that tree can not be recovered. Thus, the trees that are affected by bad weather or any unfortunate condition, then they should be removed from your yard.

The damaged trees lose their structural integrity. They can damage the property in its surroundings. Therefore it is very important to remove the damaged trees.

4. Encroaching Trees

When the tree is healthy and growing well, then there is a probability that it can affect the structures in its surroundings. When the tree is planted, then it may enjoy that location. But, when it starts growing well, then it may extend its roots and branches so large that the surrounding structures get affected. The roots of trees can destroy the foundation of a building.

Thus, the encroaching trees is another reason to remove the tree from your landscape. Also, the branches of growing trees may get in the way of power lines. Then, it is required to remove that tree from that area. In short, trees that act as intruders and create a problem, then it is required to remove those trees. 

5. Trees That Creates Nuisance

All trees are not equally beautiful. Some trees just create nuisance in your property. Some trees may shed excess leaves, seeds, or fruits. There are some trees whose wood is naturally weak and can fall anytime. In some situations, there are various personal preferences and people do not want to have that tree in their yard.

In some cases, you have to remove the trees because you want to use that land for another purpose. The removal of annoying trees is based on personal choices. You can remove these trees anytime by calling a tree cutting service provider.    

Final Words:

There are various reasons for tree removal. Some reason requires immediate action while other situations are the least urgent. No matter what are the reasons but removing a tree is a difficult task.

Thus, you should always call a tree service provider to remove the tree from your yard. Damaged, infested and weather affected trees need immediate removal from your yard, otherwise, they can wreak havoc.

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