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5 Brilliant Storage Hacks for Organizing Small Cafe Kitchen

Having a small cafe kitchen can be a pain to deal with. You’re forced to stuff things anywhere so you can free up space, but it is also a way for you to be resourceful and creative. Commercial kitchens usually need a walk-in cooling unit but for small cafe kitchen, undercounter freezers or single or double door freezers work well depending on the cafe’s foodservice operation.

Organizing is an important key especially when you work in a small café kitchen and you have lots of things in that small cafe kitchen. So, here are brilliant storage hacks for organizing:

1. Purge is Essential:

To organize a small café kitchen, the first step you need to do is to purge. Go through any expired food you have or lunch container lids that don’t match with the containers etc. This will help you take stock of what you have because the kitchen is a place where you can just shove everything in a cupboard. There are so many things and you don’t even know where to begin so, pull it all out and start section by section that might be your fridge and then your cupboards. Organize the things and purge the things that are expired or of no use that can be from appliances to spices that you haven’t touched for months.

2. Reorganize:

The second step is to find the right place for everything. You should think of your kitchen like stations so that you know your coffee station, spices station, pans, and dishes, etc.  For your coffee station take a tray and put all of your coffee necessities on there. Then organize your containers and to do this go to your kitchen store and get a pot lid holder.  This is a great way to organize your lids so your lids can be in a line in your pot lid holder. Use jars and baskets and categorize them.

3. The Supply Unifier:

Using a big wooden box almost like a crate with a handle will help you to organize all the products related to cleaning and put it under the sink. It will help you to save space by organizing your cleaning products that were just like all over underneath your sink. It will also save you time because whenever you need to clean the counters or stove just take out the crate and it has everything in there that you need to clean.

4. The Pantry Improver:

It is also important to put all the dried goods in clear containers. It will reduce the visual clutter in your small cafe kitchen, and it would be easier to find a place for everything. As it’s difficult to organize and find goods when they are in bags and there’s just like nowhere to put them and you can’t see what you are looking for when you are cooking. So, when they are in clear glass jars, you can line them up on the counter or in your cupboards. You can also put labels on them with either chalk markers or cards.

5. The Shelf Optimizer:

To optimize the space, you can use a cool wire organizer that slips into the cupboard. These wire baskets are cheap and help you when there is not enough storage. They add an extra shelf basically and they are great to store all those things that don’t have a place or extra plates if you don’t have enough room for them.


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